Coulourful shakes at The Phonebooth cafe

The shakes at Phonebooth Cafe, Hudson Lane are par excellence!

I had never tasted a red velvet shake or a banana shake before and found these amazing. The owner himself has set these recipes and you can see that from the balance of flavours in every shake.

Banana split shake: One of the best that I have had! Chocolate , strawberry, butterscotch, banana, chocolate chips and whipped cream…..all blended together…heavenly!! All the flavours were well balanced.


Red Velvet Shake: It was just like drinking a red velvet cake slice. Medium sugar and course in texture (cause they actually blended a slice), it was great.


Blueberry pie shake: Again great! Blended blueberry cheese cake with subtle flavour of blueberry.


Chocolate mocha frappe: A must have if you are a coffee lover! Even if you aren’t, the coffee isn’t too strong and you will enjoy it.