Hi! I am Shagun Raizada. A data analyst by profession and a die hard food fan! For a girl born and brought up in the food capital of India,Delhi,food has always been the first love! Exploring new restaurants, new dishes and cooking some on my own are things I absolutely love to do. Through this blog, I wish to share my dining and cooking experiences with you all. Hope you like it!


  1. Restaurant Reviews  :   Here you’ll find all my dining experiences. For me, apart from the food, the ambiance,service and accessibility to the place are very important factors and have an influence on the reviews.
  2. Let’s Cook! (Recipes) : The page to visit when struck by a hunger pang. Here you’ll find recipes that are easy to cook yet yummy to taste. Dishes that are prepared with easy to procure ingredients.
  3. Home Deliveries in Delhi/NCR : Here you’ll find my recommendations of Home Deliveries in Delhi/NCR when not in a mood to cook 😉
  4. Bakeries in Delhi/NCR : For all the peole with a massive sweet tooth and love to explore desserts at new places.
  5. Foodie Feed : The go-to page for really quick recommendations by me.
  6. Product Reviews : Some food related products reviewed by me so that you purchase and experience only the best!
  7. Event/Launches : All the hip food events and fests around Delhi NCR captured here for you to get a glimpse while sitting at home.
  8. Did you know? Test your Food knowledge here with some basic food facts and commonly made mistakes and flaunt your newly acquired knowledge!
  9. MFP’s Hall of Fame : Enlists Special Mentions for My Food Project by distinguished websites.
  10. Guest Blogs : Budding blogger and want to share your experiences? Write to us at                            myfoodproject@outlook.com and share your experiences with everyone.


View my food journey on Zomato!

View my food journey on Zomato!

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