McDonald’s here to spice up your life!

Are you a chili fan? Do you belong to North or East India? If yes, you just hit jackpot!

Adding another feather to it’s hat, McDonald’s India – North and East has released an all new Chili Burger range! This range comprises of vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions of chili burger and an Orange Fizzy drink. Everything is priced at Rs. 59 ++ and on their menu for a limited time frame.

I tried their burgers and here is my review of them:

Chili Burger (vegetarian): A mixed-veg patty made of potatoes, carrots, beans and peas stuffed with a strong chili sauce. This patty is different from the regular patties we are used to having at McDonald’s. A refreshing and welcome change!

Chili Burger (Non-vegetarian): A juicy grilled chicken patty with garlic, capsicum and green chilies. Chicken and garlic is a winner combination and doesn’t disappoint this time as well!

The hot chili sauce in both the burgers is packed with flavors of red chilies, onions, tomatoes, garlic, pepper, soya sauce and vinegar. A chili lover’s delight that won’t make you stop at one burger! Adding the apt amount of crunch to these burgers are onions along with the sauce.

Salivating already? There’s more!

A perfect meal doesn’t end without a drink! Orange Fizzy Drink by McDonald’s India is by far their best and my personal favorite. A combination of mandarin and red chili making it a perfect drink to go with these burgers.

The chili burger and orange fizzy drink get a thumbs up from me! Rating: 4/5




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