Ditch the usual Biryani and try this!

Being biryani lovers, we totally recommend biryani to become the national dish of India! Haven’t come across a single person who doesn’t like biryani. Be it mutton biryani, prawn biryani or most commonly had chicken biryani, everyone has one favorite at least. So much so, the vegetarians call their pulao biryani too 😉

But, have you had all the varieties of biryani? Bet not! We get you a list of biryanis that are popular in different parts of India and you should try at least 2 of them this month 😛

  • Sindhi Biryani:

Famous in the Sindh region of the country before the partition, this biryani is a significant part of the Sindhi and Pakistani cuisine. The constituents of the dish are mainly rice, meat, vegetables and spices. In fact, the Sindhi Biryani has ended up to become a frequent meal on the international flights through Pakistan

  • Memoni Biryani:

Famous in Gujarat and Sindh region of India and Pakistan, it is known to be extremely spicy. How it differs in the recipe than the Sindhi Biryani is that it uses fewer tomatoes in the preparation. It also uses fewer elements of food coloring as opposed to other styles, drawing the real colors from the elements of the dish

  • Beary Biryani:

Famous in Karnataka, this form is very mild. The highlighting flavor in the preparation is the ghee and mixture of spices, which is mixed and rested with the rice and kept overnight. This allows the flavors to seep in

  • Assamese Kampuri Biryani:

Famous in the Muslim town of Assam, the chicken is primarily cooked with various vegetables like peas, carrots potatoes, capsicums, and beans with spices after which it is mixed with rice

  • Berian Biryani:

Famous in Safavid Dynasty, this dish involves cooking of meat with various spices along with pomegranate, prunes and raisins which gave it a sweet-like taste, in an oven and then served with steamed rice

  • Afghani Biryani:

Famous in Afghanistan, this Biryani there has a stronger use of saffron for colour and highly employs the use of dry fruits in the preparation

  • Kalyani Biryani:

Famous in Hyderabad, this biryani uses small cubes of buffalo meat instead of full pieces and then cooked in the way of a regular Hyderabadi biryani

  • Middle Eastern Biryani:

Famous in Iraq, Bahrain and other Middle Eastern nations, this Biryani differs from the Indian version as they use more saffron in quantity than the Indian kind

Salivating yet? 😉

If you wish to try any of these variants at home, we totally recommend you to try out a particular rice for the best outcome! Try Fortune’s Biryani rice for they are made especially for biryanis and will make the taste 2X. They are super long grained basmati rice and a perfect biryani partner.

Check out Fortune:

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We shall be cooking our favorite biryani using Fortune’s Biryani Rice super soon! Stay tuned on www.instagram.com/myfoodproject for the video 🙂






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