Benefits of Lemon Honey in Warm Water

Most of you have seen commercials around the benefits of Lemon and Honey in warm water for weight loss. Well, there is more to it than just weight loss and this blog will help you discover the benefits of this magic drink:


  • Purification of Liver:

Helps purify the liver which is the main organ that helps cleanse the body, produces protein and ensures good digestion process. It is essential to keep the liver up and running for your well being

  • Aids weight loss:

As stated above, this drink helps purify the liver and when that’s done, body’s digestion process automatically accelerates and aids in weight loss

  • Increases immunity:

This drink has an immunomodulating effect that helps increase body’s immunity and saves you against diseases like common cold, seasonal illness etc. Also, this drink is rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Phosphorus, Magnesium and Calcium which are essential for your body

  • Helps reduce acne:

The oil-cutting property of lemons helps reduce oil from the face. Citric acid works to remove dead skin cells and acts like an exfoliating agent

  • Helps reduce constipation:

This drink helps things to move smoothly as warm water aids clearing of the stomach and flushing down stuff. Lemons on the other hand lighten the fluid secretion in the body like less mucus in the intestines that helps in reducing constipation

  • Helps reduce throat infection, cough and cold congestion:

Honey has peroxides that act as disinfectants. Honey helps reduce bacteria and inflammation from the throat.

When had along with lemon, it helps cure cold and cough as lemon helps reduce mucus production and dries up the respiratory tract

Quite a few benefits huh 😉 Start exploring the beautiful and healthy world of lemon honey in warm water from today! This is tried and tested by us and totally recommended.

Tip: Best had empty stomach in the morning








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