Difference between Momos and Dimsums

Have you ever searched the menu of a Chinese restaurant for momos but found only dimsums on it? The reason is less clarity on the difference between the two. Let’s help you so that the next time you know what you are eating and don’t ask the roadside momo guy “Bhaiya, ek plate dimsums dena!”

  • Momos are from Tibet and Dimsums are from China!

Well you probably thought both were Chinese but the basic difference between the two is their origin

  • Momos have 1 or 2 variants but Dimsums have more than 2000 variants

Momos are basically steamed or fried but dimsums have manyyyy variants. As a fact, even spring rolls/small tarts etc. Can be dimsums. Dimsums are basically small bites and anything small can be a dimsum in China

  • Momos are small in size but Dimsums are at least double the size of a momo

Momos are bite-sized to satiate small hunger pangs whereas dimsums are roughly double the size

  • Momos are made of maida but dimsums can be made of various flours

Momos are primarily made of wheat flour or maida but dimsums can be made of any flour such as rice flour, wheat starch etc. We have even had dimsums made of puff pastry!

  • Momos are more of a road side dish but Dimsums are a fine dine affair

A momo vendor will never sell you dimsums with the fiery red sauce but an Indo-Chinese restaurant may serve you momos 😛 But, now you know the difference right?

Go guys, flaunt your newly acquired knowledge 😉 Like and Share this blog to let others know!



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