Experience the New and Improved Domino’s pizzas

The big news is finally here for all pizza lovers! Domino’s #BadalGaya and for the good! 😀

Like most QSR chains, Domino’s compromised a bit on quality and focussed on the ‘fast food’ concept leading to the development of some concerns amongst its patrons. Domino’s took the feedback very seriously and has come up with Domino’s v2.0!

Here are the highlights:

  • Softer Crust:

Remember leaving the sides/crust of your slice? You needn’t now as the crust is evidently softer, fresher and tastier


  • More Toppings:

Take a close at these images to notice the larger chunks and increased quality…yippiee! Well, not a sham anymore

  • More Cheese:

Oh yes, that’s true! We don’t think you would need to order cheese burst crust to satiate your cheese craving any more 😛 Cheese and toppings till the crust now


  • Tastier Sauce:

A more personalized touch to the sauce and how it would taste at home. More herby, tangy, better quantity and quality


Calm down guys, you don’t have to pay a bomb to get these pizzas as they have kept the pricing almost the same! Crazy, right?

If you don’t believe us, try it for yourself by ordering at www.dominos.co.in

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