Healthy Bakery Items

Guilt Free eating for health freaks:
It is important to remain healthy and we do our bit by eating healthy food. Well, sometimes 😛

Giving you recommendations of tasty yet healthy stuff made using Oats, Muesli, Bran and the likes from the famous brand Bagrrys ! 😺


The picture above shows Brownie, muffin, cookies, health bar and Banana Walnut Cake with the following health benefits:

– 100% Atta. No Maida

– Brown Sugar Used. No White/Refined Sugar

– 0% Butter

– Only baking. No frying

– Rice bran oil used for baking : High in Antioxidants, Healthy fats

– Goes well with chai and coffee

– Guilt free binging

We enjoyed the oat meal cookies, Banana walnut cake and the biscotti…yum!

For more details on where to grab them from, check them out here and thank us later when you have met your fitness goal 😉


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