14 types of Dimsums for Rs. 1500 – It’s SHANGtastic!

When life gives you a dimsum , just eat it!

Every other restaurant offers a special menu on Sunday neglecting the fact that other days are equally important, right? Shang palace, the 39th Shang in the world, acknowledges this fact and has a very crazy deal to make your weekdays fantastic! Or should we say ‘Shangastic’ 😉

Shang Palace, a restaurant known for its authentic flavors, classy, fine dine interiors and of course, its warmth, has a special ‘Shangastic Dimsum buffet’ which includes 14 types of Dimsum, maincourse and homemade icecreams. Were we wrong in calling this ‘crazy’?

All this for just INR 1500++

We couldn’t stop ourselves from trying this buffet and gorged on the dimsums like there is no tomorrow. Apart from Steamed and Poached dimsums, they have baked, pan fried and fried dimsums to offer.

Dimsums were followed by mains which included Clay pot offerings such as sliced lamb in Sichuan chili broth, clay pot chicken with lotus root and garlic chili sauce, sichuan style mapo tofu. Hey, don’t miss the Yunnan stir-fried eggplant.

Homemade ice creams making for the perfect meal ender and you have to try the Corn Ice cream with caramel popcorn and banana-caramel flavors.

Book here: 011 30806280

Timing: 12:30 pm to 2:45 pm from Monday to Saturday

Price: INR 1500 + Taxes Per Person

Address: Shangri-La’s Eros Hotel, 19, Ashoka Road, Janpath, New Delhi

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