Lord of the Drinks Meadow – Hauz Khas Village

Posted by Luv Luthra (Find him on Facebook)
Lord of the Drinks has always impressed us with good food, drinks & decor!
Amongst it’s various outlets, one newly opened is ‘Lord of the Drinks – Meadow’ in Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi.
A huge and spacious lounge with the most serene ambience overlooking Deer park. Dine-out in a classy way with a ample view of park outside!
Not impressed with their service..as it was took more time than it should! Need to look into this to serve the best experience to their customers. 👍
Food and drinks that we had were really special and tasted too good.
It totally balanced out the late service..worth the wait!! 😊
• Drinks •
1. Mystical – Prepared with vodka and orange juice with fumes coming out of it which was alluring. We recommend this only if you’re a vodka lover.
2. Fruit Punch – Prepared with different flavour of fruit juice, dominantly guava. It was worth every sip!!Good option for non-alcoholics. 😊
• Snacks •
3. Mumbai Vada Pao (Butter chicken flavour) – It looked superb!! 😍 Started with this mouth watering snack and this raised our expectations from other dishes.😋
4. Thai Munchy Roll (Spring Roll) – Appropriately cooked and super crispy. Served with green mayonnaise that made it taste good!
5. Trio chicken tangri – Three flavours of roasted chicken in one platter. It was good..but it could be better with perfect blending of spices.
6. Chicken Pizza – Now this is something that is essential in our lives. 😜 The thin and crisp base of pizza was gratifying but, was little tangy to our liking.
7. Arrabiata Penne Pasta – It was quite simple and usual in taste. No innovation yet, good in taste.
 • Main Course •
8. Dal Makhani – The most common option amongst vegetarian dishes. We can relate though! 😜 It tasted good as a little different from other places.
9. Lord of the Chaap – In simple words, we can call this dish ‘chilly Soya chaap’ because it was prepared as in the same way we prepare chilly paneer/chilly chicken.
Taste wise, it was delectable..recommended.
10. Butter Chicken – Our all time favourite butter chicken. 😍😋 So creamy and yummy!
• Desserts •
11. Lord of the Nutty chocolate brownie fudge – Chocolate brownie served with vanilla ice cream…one of the best had in Delhi till now.
12. Caramel and chocolate love affair – Never had this earlier..It was prepared with caramel, frozen chocolate & berry on the top. Soooo heavenly..that we can’t express it’s taste…must be tried!! 😉😍
Ambience: 4/5
Service: 2.5/5
Food: 4.5/5
Value for money: 4/5
Overall: 4/5
So guys, if you’re at or near hauz khas and bit confused about where to head, you can rely on this place.
Recommendable 👍👍

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