Are you having your Green Tea the correct way? Read on to make the most of your cup

Green Tea has become a part of our routine due to its health benefits (primarily weight loss  😉 ) but, have you been making the most of your cup?  Read some quick tips to make your dose of green tea target the right way!


Best ways to have Green tea:

  • If you have a sensitive stomach, refrain from having a lot of green tea as it is alkaline in nature and can result in the release of a lot of gastric acid causing irritation. Stick to one cup a day.
  • Similarly, green tea shouldn’t be had early morning on empty stomach as release of gastric acid can cause stomach upset or even ulcers.
  • Avoid taking Green Tea at meal time because it can reduce the absorption of Thiamin (vitamin B).
  • Green tea is best had in between meals to maximize the effect of antioxidants (majorly Catechin) as the metabolism is at its highest that time.
  • Green tea should be had at least one hour before going to bed at night. This will prevent waking up for urination and also activate weight loss while asleep.
  • Don’t buy flavored green tea or add sugar. Green tea, if had for health benefits such as weight loss, should be had as is. Any flavoring or sugar defeats the purpose as flavors also have some sugar in them and are artificially made.
  • Excess of everything is bad and the same applies for green tea. One should not have more than 2.5 cups of green tea in a day.

Share this info with your family/friends ! Keep healthy 😀

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