New speciality Sauces from Cremica for Palates

Cremica .. this name has become a household name now with its wide variety of products , high quality and availability in every grocery store nearby. Products by Cremica include  Tomato Ketchup, Sauces, Sandwich Spreads, Mayonnaise, Syrups, Toppings, Salad Dressings, Indian Snack dips to name a few.

In the last 3 decades , the Cremica Group has established itself as a huge food products conglomerate, leading the food processing business through its range of products, innovative flavours and fillings, it’s internationally certified production facilities, the consistency of its quality, and its unmatched expertise in the industry.

Cremica Foods is growing and with that, they have launched 7 brand new flavours of Speciality sauces that are made to add in that zing of flavour to make your dish stand out.


The range includes Honey mustard sauce, Barbeque sauce, Thai Chilli sauce, Sriracha Chilli sauce, Piri Piri sauce, Chipotle sauce and Sweet Onion sauce. Covering all flavour profiles, these options are curated to please all palates and fulfill cravings for every mood.

We tried three flavours out of these and can’t wait to try the rest! Very promising flavours with each different for the other.

1.     Honey mustard sauce:  The sweetness of honey and the sharp zip of mustard combined beautifully to spice up all your dull dishes.

2.    Barbeque sauce:  Use this gorgeous sauce as a base for your homemade pizzas.

3.    Thai Sweet Chilli sauce: Scoop up your favourite spring rolls and dunk them into this sweet and spicy concoction- truly a match made in heaven.

4.    Sriracha Chilli sauce:  Saviour for the days when you are craving something hot and spicy.

5.    Piri Piri sauce:  The perfect way to transform a bland plate of food!

6.    Chipotle sauce: A splash of this zesty dressing will give a delectable kick to all your salads.

7.    Sweet Onion sauce: Relish the taste of sweet onion and use it as a spread for your favourite sandwich.

Available at all leading departmental stores so, grab the one that suits your taste the best ! 😀

These sauces get a thumbs up from us!

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