#SLAP-Super light American Popcorn now in India


#SLAP– that stands for Super Light American Popcorn is a newbie in the market and will surely take it by storm, quite literally. Read on for why and hey! Don’t miss the video at the end 😉 It was my first attempt at a video!

To tell you about these popcorn which are Comic themed, they have launched 5 flavors and all are quite different from one another. Each flavor has a super hero attached to it.

The packaging is a class as it has a 5 layer packet. The corns have been imported all the way from America so ensure good quality. The popcorns are indeed super light and healthier than the usual potato chips that we munch on. They claimed that the popcorn wouldn’t stick to my teeth so I tried on my own and indeed, they didn’t!

Each packet costs just Rs. 20 and that makes this healthy and tasty snack worth every penny 😀 Let me know your views after trying them and now it’s time to have a look at the video 😉

Happy Munching!





One thought on “#SLAP-Super light American Popcorn now in India

  1. Was a lovely exp to run into you guys tonight at cp promoting the popcorns! Thanks fr the mango sample..dey wre really nice even for a non popcorn lover 😊 good job guys 😊

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