Roasted Chicken Open-Sandwich

Well, this is a short and easy recipe for a yummy chicken open-sandwich 😉 Reason: we didn’t marinate and prepare a chicken from scratch. We took the easier route of simply ordering some roasted chicken/tandoori chicken from a nearby restaurant 😉 Since this check has inherent spices, you won’t need anything


  1. Raosted chicken- As per requiement. Approx one large piece for two open sandwiches
  2. Amul Cheese Spread- According to taste
  3. Sandwich spread- According to taste


  1. Shred the chicken in a plate.
  2. Add some Cheese and Sandwich soread according to yout taste and mix well.
  3. Add the batter on a slice of bread and spread evenly
  4. Toast this on low flame till the bread is crisp and the cheese melts a little
  5. Garnish with some Tobasco sauce if you want to add some spice

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