Starters to go with your beer at BoomBox Brewer Street

A place full of breweries, Sector 29 Market in Gurugram, is the go –to place for the  young crowd to grab a beer post office. You would find us here at least once in ten days. Its prime location is the key factor why this market boomed in the past 2 years and a lot of these breweries cropped up. There are around 30 of them now with a new one opening every 2 months!

Out of the 30, we have are set favorites and a list of not-to-go places. On our last visit to this market for a sober lunch, we tried a new place called ‘BoomBox Brewerstreet’. This place is sandwiched between Dockyard and Molecule and is a little smaller in size than most of the places in this market. A single floor with seating for about 100 people, the place has elements of music all around with its posters, quirky wall art and abstract guitar installation. The one thing that ought to gain your attention is the large BoomBox right at the entry. Oh! We forgot to mention one thing, all the dishes here are named after songs/dialogues of Bollywood so reading the description before ordering is a must.

Coming to the food, BoomBox Brewerstreet has incorporated the latest trend of Molecular Gastronomy in its food and has some really good dishes. Some stood out completely and some were average. Read below to know what to order:


Main toh raste se ja raha tha- Golgappe (4/5) – A thin crisp golgappa with curd, sweet tamarind chutney and the basic filling were great for some munching and refreshing during lunch.


Hoton pe bas tera naam- Chicken Tikka (3/5) –  I found this a little bland and a little chewy so could be avoided


PB&J – Paneer Pakoda (4/5) – A dish that I had never had better. Round deep fried balls filled with Butter Paneer and coated with Aloo Laccha. It was a combination of sweet, tangy and crunchy. Heavy on the stomach but good to taste.


Mr. Gulati Kebab  – Galouti Kebab (2.5/4) –  Naah! Didn’t work for us at all! Have had way better galoutis in Delhi. The meaty flavor was lacking and so was the kewra which is a must.


Something Fishy – Mustard Fish (3.5/5) – The fish tikkas were soft and well marintated. The mustard wasn’t very strong and it could be increased about 20% more.

Punjab se lekar Delhi via Spain – Aranchini (4/5) – This Aranchini had a desi twist with tomato and crispy lady finger on top. The aranchini in itself was quite meaty and lovely option for meat lovers.


Imly ka Buta Berry ka Pulao – Berry Pulao (3.5/5) –  There take on the traditional Parsi Belly Pulao but it ended up being extra sweet. It was croquettes stuffed with pulao and a berry sauce on the side. Nice presentation and concept but you will need to control the amount of sauce you use according to your palate.



Ye Daoulat bhi le lo Yeh Shorat bhi le lo –  Daulat ki Chaat (4.5/5) – Their take on the famous , foamy, daulat ki chaat. They did a good job with it! It was super light, foamy and aptly sweet like it should be. Crushed pistas and Patisa (UP’s version of Soan papri) added to the taste. A bit of saffron would enhance the taste I feel.


Khaike Paan Italy Wala – Caramel popcorn with Paan Tiramisu (3/5) – while popcorn were very good and chilled due to being served with dry ice, the tiramisu had an overdose of Gulkand. Fancy presentation but average taste.


Overall, BoomBox is doing fancier food than the rest and is here to stay. We really hope you take our recommendations and have a great outing. We are definitely going back for some more golgappas, daulat ki chaat and Paneer Pakodas! Let us know your thoughts by commenting below or emailing at

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