Instant Pizzas for GenX

InstaPizza’ is quite an eye catching name for the current generation which wants everything in an instant and has very less patience. Keeping up to its name, InstaPizza delivered my food bang on time and didn’t make me wait at all. Quite impressive! Also, the person who took my order was very courteous and was able to solve all my queries! Brownie points for these two points 😀

One thing different about the pizzas of this place is that most of the toppings are beneath the cheese so don’t be scared to see the pizza. We ordered two thin crust pizzas and one pasta.

NON VEG PIZZA-MALL OF INDIA PIZZA (Rs. 205) : This originally had Smoked chicken and bacon on top but we got it Bacon replaces with chicken tikka at no extra cost. The Crust was medium thin and they have a ‘super thin’ version for those who like it very thin.


VEG PIZZA- MAKE YOUR OWN PIZZA (Rs. 175) : We selected this and got our choice of topping put on an 7inch pizza such as Corn, Sun dried tomatoes, Broccoli, Garlic, Mushroom, Red paprika and Capsicum. This combination worked forus, more so because we chose these things.


VEG PASTA- WHITE FUSILLI PASTA (Rs. 250) : We got Garlic, broccoli and mushroom, sun dried tomatoes, red paprika and corn added to it. The pasta had a lovely strong flavor of garlic which was the highlight. The Pasta was rightly boiled. The sauce was a little less in quantity and we wouldn’t mind some more of it 😉


Overall, our meal was a satisfying one but some tweaks here and there can make them even better! Would like to order more again 😀 Also , look forward to trying their famous Deep Dish Pizza!

More about InstaPizza? Find out here:
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