Szechuan Food Festival at Bercos

Written by Dhananjay Lowe (Find him on Facebook)

Bercos is situated on the road leading to Good Earth Mall, situated directly opposite to the Park Hospital. The location is definitely something they need to work on, they probably went in for this property since its cheap in a place like Gurgaon where real estate prices are hitting the lows of the heavens above. There’s a big board outside depicting their presence but directions to the ultimate end point are missing somewhere.

The event was the Szechuan food festival. So the flavors we was looking for were – bold ones. Pungency and spiciness from the use of lots of garlic and chili should be the center of all the dishes – they did live up to this expectation indeed, with slight adaptations to the stereotypical Indian taste buds. The dishes that stood out where the Chengdu Chlli Mountain Chicken and Zucchini and Baby Bok Choy in Pepper and Celery Sauce. These two are two dishes that will set your taste buds alight and literally let them on fire, in a good way.

The Chengdu Chili Mountain Chicken is served in a thin wafer that makes it looked like a shy child perched in his favorite place. From the moment you set your eyes on this dish you know its being served from the original hills of Sichuan – the red chillies are pungent and add flavor to the perfectly diced and cooked chicken in oyster sauce. The wafers neutralize the heat of the dish and add a crunch factor to it.

The Zucchini and Baby Bok Choy in Pepper and Celery sauce is one of the tastiest and healthiest sichuan dishes you can get your hands on. Even though we are hard core non vegetarians, the dish literally blew our minds with its smorgasbord of tastes and perfectly seasoned vegetables.

When you have something pungent you generally like to top it off with something fizzy, your fix for this design is Root Beer. For as long as we can remember , Bercos has served the perfect flavor of root beer and its the ideal replacement for a coke or a pepsi, in fact its the only one.

The other dishes on the offering were meals in bowls, as an entire dish this element acts as tummy filler, and we’d rate it quite high on the happiness index of our taste buds too. Its filling and has lots of garlic that accentuates the flavors we call szechuan. The fish in celery sauce was pink in the middle and cooked to perfection as well.

Most of the dishes that come under the purview of this festival live up to their name, and Bercos carries on its tradition of making Chinese cuisine look like it is meant to be made by them.

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