A cafe for Book Lovers in the heart of Delhi-Cha Bar

Written by Luv Luthra (Find him on Facebook)

Cha Bar, Delhi’s most loved tea cafe that serves you varieties of tea..located inside the Oxford Book Store in Connaught Place.A Cute and comfy place divided into two parts : first one is book store and the other one is the cafe. Very beautifully designed…I must say!!

Last week, this cafe organized a ‘flavothon’ which is an exhilarating meet for the food lovers with Excecutive Chef Abhishek Basu from the park who showcased some innovative plating tips besides a flavourful tasting from the newly introduced menu.


Let me give you a glimpse of the drinks and food I tasted there..

  1. Strawberry Iced Tea – It was a perfect chiller to cool and refresh you.I found it really appetizing. 🍷
  1. Chilly Chicken Wrap – A paper-thin whole wheat roti stuffed with chilly chicken and served with salad and red sauce. Tasted so heavenly…Must try!!
  2. Matter Kachoori – Matter kachoori served with green and red chutney (sauce).Desi food Swag ❤ .It was well cooked, crispier and delectable.
  3. Pizza – This was a achari paneer tikka lacchaa onion and mint pizza.This made the whole superb and delecious in taste.
  4. Cocktail Sausage rolls – Another mouth watering snack that shouldn’t be missed.Though it was little bit bland in taste but it could be overcomed through perfect mixing of spices.
  5. Spinach and feta cheese quiche – It was looking quite simple…but tasted good!
  6. Truck driver 100 mile ki cha – It’s a strong clove and ginger tea that awakes you up for long working hours continously or let you drive for long. Really great cup of tea!!


One of the best desserts session I ever had.

  1. Flurys heritage Chocolate boat – Just one word for this ‘Wow’.Stuffed with cashews and raisins.Superb it was..I am gonna have this again for sure whenever I will visit this place again!!
  2. Gulab jamun cheese cake – Another treat to my taste buds..So soft and succulent that it melted in my mouth in just few seconds..Really enjoyed it!!
  3. Classic Rum Chocolate Balls – Chocolate rolls with a layering of whipped white cream.Perfect delight it was!!

Summing up, I really love this place..as this has really great food at very reasonable rates that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Also, this place has a quiet atmosphere where you can sit relax/study and can have a snack time whenever you are feeling hungry..!!

Highly recommendable..!!👍👍

More about Cha Bar? Find out here:
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