Smoothies and Much More at The Smoothie Factory

‘ The Smoothie Factory ‘ as the name suggests, this place has a wide variety of smoothies to offer. We thought this place would specialize in only smoothies but to our surprise, this place had a large variety of savory and dessert options making it a full-fledged café ! This surely makes us wonder if the name goes with the concept. Smoothies are over powered by other things making them lost in the crowd.  Well, leaving that aside let us tell you what our verdict is:

A very casual (tubelight lit) café with colorful walls and upholstery. We found it a bit too casual for the variety they had and for the brand as such. Also, the floor was a bit dirty. Would attract more crowd if they worked on better lighting and more attractive colors.


Raspberry Dream Smoothie (4/5) : Strong raspberry flavor with sweetness from honey and mental satisfaction of having low fat yogurt. Liked it.


Cheese & Jalapeno Toastie (3.5/5) : A sandwich bread topped with Jalapenos, cheese and oregano. Nothing fancy about it and it is for times when you want to have a simple side order. It was pocket friendly though (Just Rs. 99)


Paneer Pepper Flat bread (3.5/5) : Seemed pretty huge in size since the flat bread (more like a square pizza) was cut into small square slices. It was thin and topped well with paneer chunks, capsicum and oregano and chilli flakes. However, the flat bread was cold and soggy when it was served to us. The Cheese had hardened by then. Wonder why the service wasn’t done timely.


Mushroom and Cheese Pasta (3/5) : We agree that wheat pastas are healthy but even they can be made very tasty. This one had very little white sauce leading to a dry pasta. Also, no veggies at all. Got very boring after a few bites.


Chocolate Chip Waffle (4/5) : This was good and filling. Waffles were warm, crisp and filled with good amount of chocolate chips. Served with ice cream and chocolate sauce which wasn’t sufficient for the waffles. We had to order more ice cream and sauce. Would have rated 4.5/5 otherwise.


Overall, some things such as smoothie and waffle were really scrumptious and tasty while the others were above average. You can try out more things and suggest us as well. We shall try out more dishes if anything is exceptionally good 😀

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