Care for some Waffles, Crepes and Pancakes ?

Waffles, crepes and Pancakes are the hip desserts these days…won’t you agree? All of these have gained a lot of popularity amongst youngsters in the last few years leading to a lot of cafes adding these to their menu. But, there are only few places specializing in only waffles/crepes/pancakes. One such place is STOP MY STARVATION …a small restaurant in Delhi specializing in not one but all three of them!

Within 5-6 months of the launch of their first branch in Malviya Nagar, STOP MY STARVATION has opened its second branch! We guess that is proof enough for you to know that they are acing their dishes and concept! This time they are placed in the heart of South Delhi in GK 1 , M Block Market.


  • They offer savory waffles and crepes as well
  • Price Range of the menu is Rs. 60-130
  • Eggless Waffles
  • Quick and warm service. Place is welcoming

One a recent visit to this café we tried the following and loved every single thing! Read below:

Chicken Tikka Waffle: Crispy, warm waffle topped lavishly with medium spiced chicken tikka chunks and cream…Yummy!

2Mrs. Singh’s Garlic Chicken crepe: Similar filling as the tikka waffles but inside a light and thin crepe. More garlicy than the above for sure.


Banana Chocolate Waffle: Waffle topped with bananas, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce and a scoop of ice cream….lip smacking combination.


Nutella Pancakes: Got two thin pancakes each covered with a layer of Nutella, bananas and crushed almonds. Lovely change from the usual pancakes and we liked the fact that they were thin.


We ordered some drinks as well:

Dirty Nutty: This was a chocolate shake with chunks of caramel and almonds. Low on sugar and that’s what I loved about it.


Oreo shake:  A proper oreo shake which was chocolaty and the flavor of oreo was strong. More sugar than the above shake but still mild.


Overall, this surely won our heart with it’s cute interiors, good concept, pocket friendliness and of course, the good taste. We recommend it !

Try it and let us know your views by commenting below or emailing at

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