Kaiser – New in Gurgaon for Traditional Indian

Pre warning:

1) All Non Veg dishes ordered from Kaiser. Till then, Vegetarians can have a look at the review of all veg ‘Threads Café’ 😉

2) Pictures aren’t very clear due to bad lighting.

Kaiser is a new restaurant in DLF Phase 4,Gurgaon. Not surprised as this market had been booming off late. A new restaurant is coming up every month. It’s a good thing for people living and working in Gurgaon since the options were limited earlier. Now, there are plenty to order from. After tasting food from here, I can assure you that this is also one place you can safely order from/ dine in. Please read below for details of what I had and how I found them.

At first, I found the name pretty unusual as ‘Kaiser’ is a popular drug in the west but actually, this restaurant is pronounced as ‘Kesar’. As the name suggests (Hindi for the saffron used in cooking), Kaiser specializes in Indian food.

I got some food ordered to my office and here are the details:

Mutton Seekh (4/5): We got 4 peices of seekh in one portion. Seekh was Juicy, soft and loaded with flavor. Liked it.

Butter Roast Chicken (4.5/5): This was the best thing on the table and we enjoyed it! Chicken pieces (with bones) cooked with oodles of butter making it like a semi/thick curry. This is one start I would love to have again! Health freaks could avoid though.

Malai Chicken (4/5): Boneless pieces with a decent amount of malai in it. Found the chicken soft but a little bland. Just a little and it wasn’t bad at all.

Mutton Qorma (4/5) and Changezi Chicken (4/5): Both the meats were well cooked and and had a bit of garlic flavor in brown curry. Chicken curry being thicker than the mutton one. Liked them both.

Daal Makhani (4/5): Pretty thick and tasted well with my food. Decent amount of cream as well.

Sheermal (3/5): This sheermal was exactly how Karim’s makes it in look and taste. Taste was good but found the sheermal burnt and too hard at the ends. Could only eat the center portion and there was a lot of wastage.

Phirni (3/5): Less sweet though well made. It had a lot of almonds in it. I found the sweet a little too less for my liking.


Overall, this place deserves a 4/5 easily as the food was soul and tummy satisfying. My friends and I polished our plates and won’t shirk from ordering again for sure. You could try this place as well and let me know your views 🙂

More about Kaiser? Find out here:
Kaiser Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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