First Indian Cafe opens in Gurgaon

Khaaja Chowk, a brand known to many for serving value for money Indian food, has revamped and relaunched itself! This time, they have come up with an ‘Indian Café’ Concept in heart of NCR. Address: 3rd floor, Metropolitan Mall, MG Road.

This café is somewhere between a fine dine restaurant and a pasta serving café. The décor does justice to it as well. Sprawling and well-spaced out tables, Colorful upholstery, Indianized graffiti on the walls and a large , red auto at the entrance. Some elements of India to constantly remind you of the cuisine they are serving. Khaaja Chowk also has a bar!

Khaaja Chowk offers a great variety of dishes from different parts of the country and different cooking style. Some of them include claypot cooking and dum cooking.

Some of the things we really liked were:

Chicken 65: From the chakna (munching) section. It was small pieces of spicy chicken in typical south Indian flavours of dried curry leaves and rai (black mustard seeds).  Great to go with drinks.


Nawabi Murg Seekh Masala: The best on the table! Baby parantha and topped with a piece of chicken seekh with was cooked in spicy thick sauce. Spicy, crunchy and tangy…this had it all.


Sabundana wada : Typical wada that we even make at home. I liked the taste as it was similar to how it is made at home.


Khaaja ki Chaat: Typical papri chaat but didn’t work for us as the papri (made of rice flour) was a tad bit hard.


Jadavpoore Puchka Chaat: A tray with golgappas (half with curd and half with tangy water). Typical flavors but who can say no to golgappe?


Palak Patta Chaat: Made well as it was crisp. Besan could be reduced a bit according to me but it wasn’t bad at all. Served with decent quantity of sweet curd, saunt and green coriander chutney.


Galawati kababs: From the lanes of Lucknow were a tasty treat for non-vegetarians and fish lovers must try the soft Fish Tikka!


Some Dishes cooked in a claypot are Nalli Botti ki Nihari and Kababi Murg. God..we have water in my mouth just remembering these! Since, these non-vegetarian dishes were cooked in a claypot for hours and hours, the meat and the spices were super well cooked. Also, there was a slight smoky flavor.

From the Dum cooked Dishes, we liked Lal Mass the most. It was spicy but not the spiciest you would have eaten. The spiciness was in control and we could eat it comfortably and the flavor wasn’t drowned because of the spice.



For Vegetarians, they have great options apart from the usual paneer. They have Gobi mussalam and Katthal to offer. Both cooked in a dum had good flavors.

Beetroot Halwa with Vanilla Ice Cream: Wow! Well handled halwa with well balanced sweetness (low on sweet) with the ice cream. Loved it.

Overall, this place deserves a visit for sure if you are in Gurgaon. It is not fine dining but the place is vibrant, has a positive vibe, the food is tasty and not too expensive. What else could we ask for?

If you visit, do let us know your experience by commenting below or emailing at

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