Baker’s Oven (Xpress) – Gurgaon

Baker’s Oven Xpress, an off shoot of the Main Baker’s Oven in Gurgaon, has one of it’s branches near our office and we are regulars. Have had a n array of things from here and liked most of them. Reason for being a regular is that the things here are extremely value for money! Some of the desserts that we love are for just Rs. 50 AI so we can have them almost daily. Read below for details.

Good Quality, never stale, decent variety and pocket friendly prices. These are some of the main highlights that take us back to this place again and again.

In the savory section, we have tried the Chicken Burger (3.5/5, Rs. 65) which had a good , big, , deep fried patty with lettuce and sandwich spread. Simple burger but tasty.

Mutligrain Paneer (3/5, Rs. 60) Sandwich had chunks of paneer with mustard, mayo and lettuce. Decent in taste but the paneer quantity could be increased.

Spicy Paneer Bhurji Sandwich (2/5 , Rs 70) wasn’t good as it was bland.Nothing spicy about it. Only mashed paneer mixed with tiny chunks of onions and little mayo (very little).

Coming to the desserts, our all time favorite here is the Melting brownie (5/5). It is a tiny cup with a gooey and fudgy brownie covered with a dome of chocolate. It is best had when warm. Simply yummy and guess what…it is only for Rs. 50!

Molten Chocolate (4.5/5) , a bowl with just molten chocolate and nothing else. love it! Again priced at only Rs. 50.

Red Velvet Cake (3.5/5) , Priced at Rs. 110, this cake has good amount vanilla and cream cheese in the icing but the cake itself could be spongier. Decent over but not the best.

Chocolate Muffin (2.5/5), naah this didn’t work for us. Quite dry.




Overall, we are definitely going back again and again for the desserts and recommend them to you as well. Won’t burn a pocket in your hole and you can easily impress a girl or your friends by treating them to yumminess.

Taste: 3.5/5

Value for Money: 4/5

Service: N/A (Just a kiosk)

Overall: 3.5/5

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