That’s how a Street Food can go wrong

Chaat, Indian street food is loved by one and all but can u imagine it going totally wrong? Well, it can and it has!

I visited the Noida branch of a famous chain called ‘Imly’. This branch is a kiosk in the food court of DLF Mall of India (4th Floor). Had heard so much about it that we ended up ordering 4 things with out a second thought. We assumed the food would be decent. End result, all of us took one bite each of the four dishes and left the rest. Made me so sad!

We ordered Raj Kachori, Agra ki Aloo Tikki, Dahi golgappe and Palak Patta Chaat.

Dahi Golgappe were made of suji and were thicker than what you get outside makijng them heavy. Extra curd and saunt (tamaring sauce) making it extra sweet. Didn’t like.Try the one at local Bengali Sweet House in South Ex Part 1, who will love them.

Raj Kachori had the same problem as the Dahi Golgappe above. Very sweet and not balanced well with the masalas and spices.

Agra ki Tikki was not even close to authentic. Me being a kayastha, hated it. Aloo Tikki is supposed to be stuffed with masalas and served with very little curd and a lot of green and tamarind chutney and onions. I couldn’t see onions anywhere and there was excess of curd. No Stuffing/Minimal as well.

Palak Patta…tired of writing the same but the truth is that again was extra sweet and the fried spinach leaf was super oily. We could taste the oil. Hated this one!


Overall, I am scared to visit again and wonder how the ratings can go super high. We Paid a total of Rs. 460 for all this and it was absolutely not worth it 😦

One more Point I’d like to add: The servers had little knowledge of the food and couldn’t help us when we asked for suggestions.

Taste: 2/5

Service: 3/5

Ambience: N/A (It’s in the food court)

Overall: 2.5/5

If you still want to know more, click on the link below:

Imly Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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