Kayastha Food By SuChef

SuChef, a brand by Chef Sugandha Saxena, who is a trained in culinary from Switzerland. Born and brought up in a kayastha family in Delhi, she is back to her roots and is making others familiar with her roots as well. Few people know what Kayastha culture and food is about and she is here to educate you about the food aspect!

Kayasthas community was one of the first to be highly educated. Due to this, they were chief consultants in the courts and were professionals. Being educated, they traveled wide and adapted to new regions, languages and food very quickly. Most were meat eaters with mutton being an integral part of their food. Wherever they traveled, they took their food along with them but adapted to the regional taste as well. The food and taste of a UP kayastha would be difference from that of a Rajasthani Kayastha and so on.

After a brief intro of Kayathas and their food, lets learn more about the flavors. Sugandha, being a kayastha herself, wants people to experience it and once you do that, you won’t be able to not love it 😉

How is she doing this? Sugandha is catering home cooked kayastha food and desserts to small parties in Delhi NCR. There is a wide range  she has to offer and I experienced some of them. Frankly, I loved the flavors and if I get these dishes conveniently at home, why would I not order !

How it works? She takes orders per kilo. Minimum order being 1 kg. Refer to her social handles/contact details at the end of this page to know more.

Some dishes on offer:

Sewrha: Basically Colocasia Leaf Rolls which have a turkish influence and are super crisp. Great as munching with drinks.


Aloo Bhalla: Typicall Uttar Pradesh style stuffed Aloo Tikki with onions, green chutney and the likes. Craving this while typing


Kebab e Dilruba: Typical kebabs (similar to galouti kebab) that are liked by everyone! Super soft , smoked and full flavor. Cooked with a Dungar technique (smoked with charcoal)


Takke Paise: Almost the same as Gatte ki sabji we are all used to having but this is what it is called in UP. A simple yet yummy dish.


Mutton-e-Dadima: A mutton so well cooked that it removed it self from the bone easily. A burst of flavours of mote masale in a brown curry.


Mastane Kofte: Minced meat balls in a brown curry which tastes yummy with rice. This is also made at my place and I found the one made by SuChef equally good!


Coming to the best part and SuChef’s speciality..Desserts!

Besan Ladoos: Her Besan Ladoos are hot selling and she is usually packed with orders for them. If you want a box/boxes, book in advance! The reason being the softness and homely touch with each and every ladoo. Loved them!


Gulabi Kheer: Well condensed kheer with rose flavor (subtle) and topped with fresh gulkandh. Super refrshing and a perfect meal ender.


I had one hearty meal at Sugandha’s table and can’t wait to order from her for the next party I have at my place! Convenient, Tasty and from the heart….that’s what I would call her food. You can get more information at the links given below. Try  😉


Contact SuChef: 


Tel: +91 9871038294


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