Wok in the clouds…Quite literally!

Wok in the clouds, a name that is quite popular in Delhi but I has only heard of it to be a bar and lounge. I went to the Khan market branch recently and found a dedicated floor for fine dining. This is also the only such place in Khan market that allows kids. Another good point is that this place is open till 1am! We took good advantage of that and ate to our own sweet will.

Spread across two floors, first being the fine dine floor and the second being the bar. Both floors have seating for about 35-40 people each. The bar had louder music but the fine dine also had fairly loud music with good English songs playing such as the latest sensation ‘Cheap thrills’ 😉 Made me grove

I decided to go for a dinner date with mom and we ended up hogging on so much food! My mom was super impressed with the food and warm service. The servers took care of needs and suggested just the right dishes.

We started by ordering an array of mocktails with the starters and lingered on with those till the end. Must say, all the drinks were served in glasses of different shapes and all were large in size. Some of them were:

Minty melon (4.5/5): Loved it! Super refreshing combination of watermelon and mint.

Masala lemonade (4/5): A traditional drink with nothing fancy added to it. Liked this drink to be this way as it tasted good as is. ‘Chatpata’  and refreshing.

Sunshine (4/5): A drink I would love to have at the beach or during an outdoor meal as I liked it individually. The colors were appealing (orange drinks with some pink in the bottom). The drink had a refreshing mix of orange and strawberry. It was a bit extra sweet so avoid if you don’t like sweet (unlike me ).


Water melon and Feta Salad (4.5/5): Just what I wanted on a warm evening! This was the first thing we had and felt pepped up after this. Water melon roundrels with feta and small almonds in a beautiful scooped watermelon. Huge quantity and good taste.


Dahi Kebabs (4.5/5): For me, it is not easy to like dahi kebab of any place because it is has to be perfect. If not perfect, at least be soft and not sour. Luckily, we the one we had here turned out super good and we loved it. One of the top three that I have had in Delhi. Shaped like an ice cream, soft inside, mildly sweet and coated with crushed papad.


Corn and Pea Salt and pepper (4/5): I am not too fond of salt and pepper but tried on the recommendation of the server and yes, it did turn out different and better than the rest! More of fried corn than fried peas. The entire dish wasn’t oily and the quantity was large.


Bhatti ka murgh (4/5): Just like a typical tandoori chicken but made well. The spicy marination had seeped deep inside and the chicken was juicy.


Double spicy fish (4.5/5): Super soft fish which wasn’t as spicy as it sounds. It was subtle and enhanced the flavor instead of drowning it. Crunch was added using bell peppers and onions.


Tiger Chilly Prawns (4/5): Super huge in size and fried with dry red chillies. But again, it enhanced the flavor and wasn’t too hot. Being a person who isn’t too fond of over spicy things, loved it.



Paneer Kundam (4.5/5): Paneer pieces stuffed with mint chutney and dipped in a tangy tomato curry. Mildy sweet and less spicy. Loved it!

Daal Makhani (4/5): Very buttery, nicely cooked and thick.

Mutton Roganjosh (4/5): Soft mutton pieces that were easy to chew in a typical brown curry that’s rich in garam masala.

Butter chicken (4/5): A good balance of sweet and spicy curry. We got boneless pieces on request which were well marinated and not bland at all.



The ending to this lavish meal had to be strong and the desserts did justice to that!

Sizzling Brownie (4.5/5):

A must try here! One of the best sizzling brownie sundaes that I have had in delhi so far as the brownie was gooey, the chocolate sauce was in good quantity and the so was the ice cream. Loads of cashews in it (would be better if roasted). Loved it.


Kulfi Platter (3.5/5):

Rose, mango, coconut and chocolate flavored kulfis in one platter. The flavors were subtle but thing the milk could be more condensed. Just a little. Tasted more like ice cream right now.


Overall, No that you know about so many dishes at Wok in the clouds , I hope you take my recommendations. I found this place good for a family scene or even for a date (not too romantic maybe). The amount of food we ate is proof enough that we enjoyed! Cheers!

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