Shop While You Eat at Threads Cafe!

Threads café, does this name give a hint about the concept? No, it’s nothing to do with having thread like food… it is a place which is part café and part boutique! All the girls might want to know more 😉

Shahpurjat, a hub for all ethnic shopping in South Delhi, gets a lot of footfall all-round the year. Majority of the crowd being girls. We all want a place to crash and relax after a few hours of shopping and this place is just perfect for that! You shop and drop at the café without having to walk anywhere in the heat or with your heels!

Run by a family in which the mother is a designer and father-son duo runs the café, this entire unit and family is too cute! Threads is situated near the first entry gate of Shahpurjat (near Govindam sweets). As you enter, you see a beautifully done up café with seating for just about 12 people. Colorful upholstery keeping up with the theme of a boutique café against a white wall. The wall also had subtle mirror work on it. You get glimpses of the boutique from the café. You move forward and enter the boutique where you see beautiful clothes! Trust me, I was super tempted to pick up things for myself!

Anyway, I controlled my shopping urge and focused on the food instead. The food at Threads is lighter than at usual places and prices are mid-range. The sandwiches and burgers are made with multigrain bread while the pizza base is wheat based. This will help you get a slim waist for the clothes hung in the boutique 😉


I am a foodie and ended up indulging in a lot of things instead of focusing on health. Started with some drinks and followed by mains. The least I could do for my body was to avoid desserts (read calories).


Nutella Shake:

Rating 4.5/5

Price: Rs. 250

Extra coffee shot: Rs. 40 (optional)

All Nutella lovers must try this as they put 1/3rd bottle of Nutella in a jar full of this shake. The quantity is huge and then the price won’t hurt. I got Coffee added to mine as I love the taste of Nutella, coffee and chocolate combined. I loved this shake and was very filling.


Passion Fruit Cooler:

Rating: 3.5/5

Price: Rs. 175

Remember Fox candies we all had as kids? This range of ‘Soda Shakes’ has fox flavors and I had the passion fruit version. A soda with passion fruit, sugar and mint in it was refreshing for sure but a little too sweet for me. This could be reduced. Not bad though.



Chilly Garlic bread:

Rating: 4.5/5

Price: Rs. 170

Wow! This was hot! Made for all people who like green chilies. They have a lemon butter and plain flavor for others.

The garlic bread was basically brown bread rolled and stuffed with a lot of cheese, garlic and green chilies. More flavors than you would get usually and I loved it!


Veg Pizza:

Rating: 4.5/5

Price: Rs. 230

So much cheese! So many veggies! Such a super thin and crisp crust (wheat)! These were the three things that came to my mind after just one bite. I loved it and highly recommend it. The crust didn’t get soggy even till the last bite and they have a trick for this. Veggies like, bell peppers, rocket leaves, parsley, olives, baby corn and mushroom on top.


Cottage Cheese Steak:

Rating: 4.5/5

Price: Rs. 320

Never had a veg steak before and when I had it, I liked it! Got a platter with a large chunk of paneer (stuffed with in-house spices), topped with oodles of BBQ Sauce and herbed grilled veggies on the side. This was divine! The paneer was soft and the BBQ Sauce was more sweet than tangy. Loved the fact that they were lavish with their quantity of BBQ sauce. People tend to become miser with that.


Apart from the above, we also had their cookies.

Brown Sugar cookie:

Rating: 4.5/5

Price: Rs. 15 per piece

Paper thin cookie which went well just as a munching with the drinks. Mild sweetness and absolutely crisp!

Butter Cookie:

Rating: 4/5

Price: Rs. 10 per piece

Similar in shape, look and crispness as the above but butter flavor instead. It was salty instead of sweet.


Overall, I would call this place a hidden gem which is yet to get its due credit. I found it in Shahpurjat and will be here again really soon! Not a thing disappointed and it’s great to see new concepts doing well and taking care of the taste, presentation and of course, the service was very warm!

Highly recommend this cute, small café and would love to hear your comments post your visit 🙂

More about Threads Café? Find out here:
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