White Brick Road-Overpriced Cafe in Gurgaon

Food: 3.5/5

Service: 2.5/5

Price: 2/5

Ambience: 4/5

Overall: 3/5

White Brick Road, a cafe located on the ground floor of Star Tower in Gurgaon’s sector 30. (On the side of Coopers bar and grill). I read about this cafe in a blog and it was highly recommended by them so I decided to visit with some friends.

The place looks appealing and bright with a mix of white rot iron upholstery and rustic wooden tables. Colorful installations against White walls. Place was cute for a date/with friends but the thing that put me off big time was the pricing.

It is highly expensive for the portion size they serve!! The service was slow and the food took a lot of time to come. The server wasn’t smiling at all and we also got a wrong dish (twice). Instead of Grilled Chicken with Mushroom sauce, we got Chicken with BBQ sauce and brown rice. Upon informing them, he made a face. Weird!

We ordered a Chicken burger, Lamb burger, Veg burger, Grilled chicken with mushroom sauce, Ham and Cheese Sandwich , Cold Coffee and Affagato.

Chicken and Lamb burgers (3.5/5), though good in taste with a decent sized grilled patty,lettuce,tomatoes, cheese and pickle, but too small for Rs. 450. My Friends and I were still hungry after one burger but didn’t have the heart to spend more on another burger.

Veg burger (3/5), similar in size to the non-veg ones but a little dry overall. Pricing of this on was o.k. though. It was for Rs. 200


Ham and Cheese sandwich (2/5) was the worst that I have ever had! Made with normal bread and was totally squashed in the grill and made so thin. Super dry from inside cause of negligible cheese.Rs. 350 gone down the drain!


Grilled chicken with brown rice and BBQ Sauce (3.5/5) was okaish. Very small quantity and my poor friend was super sad. she waited 30 minutes for this dish! Dish tasted good though. Grilled chicken stuffed with Spinach, some sesame coated veggies, brown rice.


Cold Coffee (3.5/5) quite strong and less sweet. Good for people who like it like that. Didn’t work for me.


Affagato (4/5) the best thing on the table and a savior! Espresso with a scoop of vanilla.Always liked Affagato at other places and this one didn’t disappoint either.


Overall, The food was decent, not the best but the pricing and service was a deal breaker. Would have visited them often had these two factors been better. 🙂 Hoping they work on these points .

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