Cold Pressed Juices for the Healthy soul

These days Cold pressed juices are a new fad. Everyone is running after them for health purpose since they are said to absolutely natural and have all the nutrients intact. One such brand that is doing well in this space is ‘My Greens’. These bottles can be ordered online or over the phone and I tried some.


These juices come In really unique combinations! Have a look at the link below get details on the range. My personal favorite is the Pineapple, apple and mint juice.

All these juices from My Greens are Gluten Free, have no added colors or preservatives and are vegan. This is the reason for their success.

Having said that, I would have to accept that to get something (good health in this case) , you have to compromise on something (taste in this case). The taste of all the juices is to be ignored as the combinations are unique all and we have grown up drinking fresh juices or canned juices.

That’s the least you can do for good healthy right? 😉

Try these by ordering from the link below and let me know your views by commenting below or emailing at 😀


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