Tin Town Cafe – Pocket Friendly Cafe in Satyaniketan

Food: 4/5

Drinks: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Ambience: 4/5

Value for money: 4.5/5

Overall: 4/5

Tin Town Café, a new café in the heart of South Campus in South Delhi. Surrounded by colleges in all directions, is a promising new place for students and families. This one, like most of the others in this area, is extremely pocket friendly for students. The menu has a mix of North Indian and continental.

One thing that is strikingly different from other cafes in this area is seating and ambience. Most of the places here have low seating and a colorful ambience but this one has a rustic feel to it with bricky walls, strong and heavy wooden tables and chairs and high seating chairs. Have a look at the pictures below for a better idea.

Coming to the starters and drinks, we ordered the following:

Brownie Shake (4/5): This shake was quite good and the quantity was large. Had brownie churned with the milk but enough for you to actually eat the chunks. Not completely powdery. The shake could be a little thicker though hence, a 4/5.

Ferrero Shake (4/5): Made just like the brownie shake with semi churned Ferrero bt this again could be thicker. Both were good but could be perfect.



Tandoori Momos (4.5/5):  I have had tandoori momos many times and at many places but these were the best by far! The coating wasn’t too thick and the chicken inside was juicy. Really Liked it!

Kebab Dilnaching (4/5): More like Malai Tikka and it was very juicy and creamy. The.chicken could be just  10% more soft. Liked it and recommend.


Paneer Hussain Tikka (4/5): Soft and Spicy Paneer Tikka with mint chutney.this was nice for vegetarians and a change from the usual non spicy paneer tikka.


Veg Aranchii (3.5/5):  Fried round balls stuffed with cheese. Was a little bland and heavy and the tangy, spicy salsa served along with it was much required.



After hogging so much, there was little space left for ordering the mains lavishly hence we ordered on the following:

Veg Pizza (4.5/5): One of the best crusts that I have had! Super thin and super crisp making it light. The cheese quantity was good but the veggies could be increased. Hence, a 4.5 but I totally recommend this!


Chicken Dhaniya Adraki (4/5): Thick brown curry with boneless chicken pieces was tasty for the price I got it at. Medium spiced but the adrak (Ginger) Could be increased as am really fond of adrak (ginger) personally.

Daal Makhani (3/5):  Naas.. too salty for my liking. Guess there was excess of salted butter in the dal.




Oreo Pie (3/5): Layers of crunched oreos, whipped cream and some chocolate sauce but the dessert was at room temperature and I didn’t enjoy that. Whipped cream could be replaced with ice cream to solve this issue.


Malai Kulfi (4.5/5): This was the perfect meal ender! Well condensed milk kulfi was a winner!


Overall, This place has some really great dishes and some above average. Keep the pricing in mind, the food is value for money. Students as well as families were dining here and this place will surely do well in Satyaniketan. Will surely be back for some pizza, tandoori momos and malai kulfi! J

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