Dao – Class Thai

Dao, a place I had been wanting to visit since quite some time , didn’t fail to impress luckily. Some find thai food here. I have thai food at the critically acclaimed Neung Roi (Radisson Blu, Mahipalpur) as well but if the compare the entire package of food, service, ambience and affordability, this wins hands down!

Situated in the post market of GK 1, N Block, this is a typically fine dine place for a family outing or a date. The place is very classy with lovely installations all over and fine upholstery. Have a look at the pictures below to get a clear view.

We started out meal with a cocktail called Beer Sangria which turned out to be one of the best Cocktails that I have ever had! There was no wine in it as such. It had beer, triple sec, peach liqueur, melon roundrels and green apple in it. Loved the flavour and it wasn’t too sweet cause of beer instead of wine.We ordered of these after the first.


Soup and Starters:

Post that we had a Tom Yum Prawn Soup which was also loved by us. Slightly tangy and strong lemon grass.


In the starters section we ordered quite a bit and kept the main course minimal. We started off with a Sushi Platter which was served as a boat and looked really attractive. The boat was loaded with various types of sushi. They seemed to be fresh and none of them was dry. It had Veg Avocado and Asparagus sushi, Salmon roll and tuna roll and one more of which the name I’m not sure of. Sushi lovers must try.

Dimsums..the best part of our meal at Dao! What a veriety they have I must say! We ended up ordering so many and relished them. We had the Spicy prawn,Duck dump,Prawn and chive,Spicy chi dum,Kenya Beans,Pokchoy tofu dumpling, Veg bun,Sour pepper Beijing veg and non veg versions…God! All of them we different from one another and had such a thin, fine coating. Loved them.

Thai Smoked Chicken , A recommended starter cause I loved the strong taste of garlic with spicy chicken. Lovely combination.


Garlic Pepper Sauce with Fish was super soft, fresh and tasty. Light on the stomach and pepper was more dominating than the garlic.



Stir Fried Veg in Yellow Bean Sauce, a dish for healthy eaters and I am not one of them. It was all veggies like beans, asparagus, broccoli in a slightly bland sauce. I would avoid it J

Panang Prawn Curry, that went very well with my oh-so-amazing pineapple rice! The base of the prawn curry was similar to a regular thai curry with coconut and lemon grass. Liked it.

The Pineapple rice was the best thing on the table and one of the best rice dishes I have had in oriental cuisine ever. Rice with pineapple if such a nice combination. The rice was moist and served beautifully in a real scooped pineapple. 5/5 for this one.


We had just one dessert after the heavy meal which was Sticky Rice with Fresh Mangoes and Coconut ice cream. All of this together tasted good and so different than usual desserts. Best way to eat it is to mix all three in one bite.


Overall , Dao is a place you must visit of you want to try some good Thai Food in Delhi. Loved the Overall experience and was impressed with the food and service. This place gets a thumbs up from me 😀

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