New Menu at Barista (All Outlets)

Food: 3.5/5

Drinks: 3.5/5

Desserts: 3.5/5

Ambience: 3.5/5

Service: 4/5

Overall: 3.5/5

Barista, every one is aware of this name and has visited atleast once in their lifetime. Then why this blog? Reason for this is the NEW MENU at Barista with an Indian twist to it. No matter how many times you would have visited, some of the things in this blog post would be new for you. Also, few people would know this… Barista was one of the first brands in India to introduce us to Brownie+ice cream+Chocolate sauce combination. Others followed suite.

Barista has also detached itself from the ‘Lavaza’ brand and is all new. The new menu focuses on the Indian taste of everything. I couldn’t try all the things but tried as many I could. I went to the one at SelectCity Walk Mall and the following is the list of things I tasted.


Affagato (4.5/5) : This drink, a cup of with warm, strong coffee and a scoop of ice cream was my favourite that day! The sweetness and bitterness was so well balanced. A must try drink.


Iced Café Mocha (3.5/5): More like a simple cold coffee no innovation in it. Found it decent and can be had when in a mood for something simple.


Brrrista Caramello (3.5/5): For sweet lovers! A tall glass of caramel flavoured cold coffee with whipped cream on top and more caramel sauce. It was fine in the start but heavy and too sweet after a few sips.


Green apple lemonade (3/5): This I didn’t like at all.It was more like green apple flavored and some colored substance in sugar water. Very little lemon as well.


Food (Better than the drinks):

Lemon Paneer Sandiwich (4/5) : This sandwich was in wheat bread which was the best part. It was tasty as the lemon flavour was just apt. Neither strong nor mild. Also, it was evidently soft.


Ham and cheese Croissant (3.5/5) : Have had way better ham and cheese sandwiches but this wasn’t bad individually. Could be softer, more buttery and more flaky. The cheese could also be increased. But the overall taste wasn’t bad at all.


Zest Chicken Wrap(4/5): Pretty good as the filling was lavish with a mix of chicken, bell peppers and garlic flavour. The coating wasn’t too thick and that was nice.


Veg Quiche (3/5): Na..didn’t work for me. I found the tart soggy and the filing of spinach and corn a little bland.



Wicked Brownie (4/5): This was the dessert I mentioned about in the first paragraph so this had to be ordered. Well for sure it was still very tasty! The quantity of ice cream is more than what people serve normally…double actually. The brownie was soft and fresh but could be a bit more gooey. Very tasty even now though.


Orange velvet (3.5/5): This was a dry cake and different from usual red velvet. Orange flavoured obviously and had a bit of chocolate in it. It was spongy.


Red velvet Cup cake (3/5):  Although this looked appealing, the taste was average and it was dry from inside.


Overall, I would rate this place and the new menu a 3.5/5 as some things were really good while some could be worked upon. Affagato is a must try though and don’t miss it out. Do try it and let me know your views by emailing or commenting below J

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