Cyber Hub Social- Much Awaited Grand Launch..!

Social, a place that has become a brand in itself for all the good reasons. The year it started in Hauz khas, it created storm in Delhi with it’s unique theme of a co-working space, reasonably priced alcohol and food and ofcourse, great taste with it. Since then , it has expanded and just launched it’s 5th branch..this time in Gurgaon! Called ‘Cyber Hub Social’, this is in the main cyber hub right next to the atrium.

Every Social has a theme and this one is made like a Mumbai Chawl. Must say, this is something that none of us would have ever scene. Small numbered rooms like a ‘kholi’ and a central compound for all social gatherings. Here, the compound is where the bar,DJ console and all the action is. The small kholis are the best part about this branch.

Social is one place where you can order any food/drink and never be disappointed! Cyber Hub Social is no different. As part of the drinks, we ordered an LIIT and ‘The Lantern’. LIIT (4/5) , as always pretty strong and worth every penny. The Lantern (4.5/5) was served a whiskey based cocktail with Smoked orange marmalade and smoked Maple Wood. Woah! This was awesome! Quite potent but still a little sweet. Also, it was served in an actual lantern.

Coming to the food, we ate like a glutton and ordered the following:

Paneer Biryani (4.5/5) I tried their famous biryani which was super moist with thick gravy premixed with the rice, caramelized onions and cashews. It was even better than what I have had in The Hauz Khas branch.


Mezze platter (3.5/5) has one of the best falafels in town (not dry at all). Hummus,baba Ganousha and Tabouleh were all fresh and good.

China Box (4.5/5) with rice was yum! Sweet chilli taste to the rice (more chilli than sweet) and topped with fried crunchy noodles. liked it as a snack.


Pork belly (4/5) was different than what you get normally. Small, fried cubes of pork (extremely soft and well cooked).


Gunpowder Calamari (3/5) was small pieces of calamari (squid) served with a a strong garlic sauce. I found this average and there was an after taste of sea food.


Desserts were the best part and a perfect end to the evening!

Blood bath dessert (4.5/5) was superlicious with a mix of ice cream, choco cake, whipped cream, choco mousse,choco sauce…wow!! Also, this was enough for atleast 4 people.


The Chocolate Chutzpah (5/5) … one of the best desserts and something that will be on our table everytime from now on! A round , gooey chocolate cake topped with crushed gems, crackers and other munchies adding a nice crunch. But the best part was an inverted chocobar! Ice cream plus more crunch. A well deserved 5/5!



Food: 4.5/5

Ambience: 4.5/5

Service: 4.5/5

Overall: 4.5/5

To sum it up, Cyber Hub Social is on place you just can’t miss and have to be there asap to experience something really cool! We recommend this place 🙂 

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