Junglee Billee- A must visit for Girls!

Junglee Billee..the name is quite opposite to the place I would say. The name suggests the place to be a night club or pub with a wild party scene but on the contrary, it is a quite fine dine place with floral prints all over. The interiors have been done keeping the taste of girls and they have done well in achieving that!

Floral print upholstery, floral crockery and pastel walls are exactly how girls want every place to be. Isn’t that just perfect for a date for us girls? Well yes, Junlgee Billee is apt for a date. This place also has a tie up with Swarosksi, a famous jewelry brand, another thing that girls love. I loved the fact that you can but off things off the shelf from here! They were so pretty!

They serve Maharashtrian and Gujarati food apart from European and North Indian and the chef has done extensive survey before preparing recipes! This is evident from the dishes as the taste was good and very close to authentic. We wanted details of some dishes and the servers+chef were more than happy to educate us. Very warm I must say!

We order some cocktails, starters, mains and desserts and most of the things turned out good.


Drunk Aam Panna chuski and Kala Khata chuski: Typical indian chuski dipped in flavoured syrup but with added vodka making it a chuski for adults 😉 Quite nice and the flavours were the traditional Aam pana and kala khata.

Paam Mojito was my favourite of the lot! The paan flavour with mint and lemon was super refreshing and tasty! I recommend this drink. Gin based drink.

American pie was strong drink for whiskey lovers. Liked it


Vitamin Kurkure bhel: A typical crunchy bhel with boiled potatoes, sev, papri, pomegranate and  served beautifully with  a chopped green apple in the shaped of a flower! Liked this tangy and crispy dish as a munching option with my drinks.

Watermelon and Feta Salad: Always a good salad combination with freshness of fruits and sour feta cheese. Watermelon was delicately served as roundrels. Liked the thin,crisp bread along with the salad to break the monotony.

Signature Keema Pav: This was lovely! The keema was so flavoury and cooked well! I liked the fresh tomatoes and onions drilled on top that added a good crunch.

Khandvi chaat: this khandvi was traditional and so yum! Like the bed of sev under it with made it crunchy and was a twist to this dish.

Chinese Dosa: A unique thing for North Indians but a common thing in Maharashtra, this was nice. Spice lovers will like this as it was quite spicy due to schezwan sauce and had grated cheese on top.

Chicken boti Kebab and Koliwada style fish tikka: I loved both! Both were presented in a similar fashion (Each piece in a traditional tea glass with onions and chutney in the base ) .Chicken was so juicy and spicy. I am craving for it while typing this review. Fish was soft and had a tandoori type flavour.

Berry Pulao (Mutton version): The hero dish for me and the best berry pulao that I have had in Delhi NCR ! Mutton was super well cooked, the caramelized onions were perfect and the dried berries were In apt quantity not making this dish too sweet.There were cashews as well.

Banger and Mash: Chicken sausages, Potato mash, onion based sauce and veggies…perfect! Always a fan of this combination so this dish had to be ordered. They did justice to this.


Mawa cake: Ooohh Yum!  The taste of mawa (Cashews) in a cheesecake type consistency was so good! Better than any cheese cake.

Caramel Custard: Could have a little more caramel I suppose. My mom puts in more and it tastes better. This was decent too .

Overall, Junglee Billee is one place I am definitely coming back to with family or for a date! The place is pretty, no issues with the service, food is yum and ofcourse, I can shop here as well 😉 this place gets a thumbs up from me and an overall rating of 4.5/5


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