Spago – GK 1 ,Delhi

Posted by Rishabh Malik

If you’re looking to have Italian without fuss and loud music, this is the place you need to head to.
Spago is on the first floor of south Delhi old favorite Kasbah in GK1 N Block.

Ambiance – 4/5
For those of you who have been to Spago a couple of years back when it used to have blue lighting, it is not at all the same apart from the nice and warm hospitality.

The place has an elegant decor, with dim lighting and soft music playing(which is a great relief from restaurants and cafes playing loud music these days, trust me..).

Dinner conversations? Quality time with friends or family? Italian food? this is the place to be.
Service- 4/5

Great Service. I loved the fact that when asked what’s good, we didn’t get the reply “Everything here is amazing”. We got specific suggestions as per our preferences.
Food 3.5/5

Coming to the filing part – the food! The menu contains all the Italian classics and a few of their own versions of them.

We were really hungry so we tried quite a few of their starters.Also they serve garlic bread with basil and green olive pesto complimentary to every table and it was yum!

Crostini Pollo : We started with the crostini pollo which was definitely the highlight of the day. The concept is ofcourse very similar to that of a bruschetta but instead of a hard crispy bread crostini’s have a warm slightly softer bread which spago nailed. There was generous amounts of parmesan sprinkled over the crostini and they were extremely liberal with the olive oil.

Feta Apple Salad : I am always in mood of a salad, so as per staff recommendations, we ordered this one. It had green apple, feta, pine nuts and all of it was topped with a sun-dried tomato dressing.
Feta was really nice but they could do better with the tomato dressing cause I think it did not go very well with the apples.

Gamberetti Limone: We followed that up with the gamberoni which was basically king prawns in classic herb and lemon sauce. They served the prawns as a whole ie the entire prawn body, which not a lot of restaurants dare to do because albeit visually appealling, it does make it a bit difficult to get all that juicy meat off. Nonetheless the sauce was a perfect mix of herbs and lemons, not too tangy and absolutely spot on.They could perhaps be a bit more generous with the sauce considering how delicious it was. Other than that truly a remarkable dish. Visually as well as in terms of taste.

Asparagi Alla Grigila: It’s just asparagus topped with balsamic dressing and a few shavings of Parmesan, so unless you are a big asparagus lover, I would not recommend it.

Minestrone Di Verdure(Soup): The soup was made the traditional way with chunky vegetables and a light broth. But if one was forced to find some fault with it, one can say it lacked a bit of punch to make it stand out. Bacon option is also available.

Funghi Arrosto– Roasted mushrooms served with spinach and red bell peppers. They were stuffed nicely and the char grilled flavor perfectly complimented the blanched spinach.

Ravioli Di Spinaci : It’s one of their signature dishes – pasta filled with spinach and ricotta. It wasn’t served hot to us which was a little disappointing, but the flavors were amazing. They could put some more more filling to it but still it is one of the recommended dishes!

Valdostana: For the main course we chose to have the Valdostana which had a concept very similar to that of a cordon bleu. Delicious, with a perfect mix of flavours. The portions were generous and it’s extremely filling as a main course. Their rosemary potatoes are done beautifully and compliment the chicken perfectly.

Funghi Risotto: Another classic on their menu and it was a hit! It had plenty of mushrooms and was cooked really well. It was gooey buttery with loads of mushroom on top, truly a stellar dish.


We ordered a Whisky Sour -which had very less amount of whisky and a Red Wine Sangria which was not that great either. So I suggest that you choose wisely while ordering from their bar menu.


Torta Royale: It is white chocolate and mascarpone cake. I highly recommend you to try their king of desserts.

Would I go again?- 4/5

For their Italian food and hospitality- absolutely

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