Weber-The Grill Academy

Weber, A company founded by George Stephen in 1952, are pioneers in manufacturing of Gas,Charcoal and Electric Grills in the world. Ever since George invented Closed lid grills, they have been ruling the market with their grills and changed the way people BBQ at home or commercially.

Grilling isn’t an household affair in India and to change that trend, Weber has set foot in Delhi with it’s Store and Grilling Academy on MG  Road, Delhi. Not only are they here to promote Grills and BBQ with Grills starting at just INR 7500, they are also willing to help BBQ food lovers by having grilling sessions at the same venue! Really nice concept for sure!

A Quick look at Weber:


Weber has Gas, Charcoal and electric grills for all types of houses and people. The range is extensive and a thorough look at all the grills made me feel super educated about them. Weber has made an effort to educate people by their Grill Academy with Chef Jamie.

Various Grills:

The Grill academy was something that I didn’t expect to be so good! One the first floor of Weber with a proper kitchen, formal yet cute dining space and of course, all sorts of grills on display for learning. You get hands on experience in grilling here. Isn’t that one unique academy for us Indians?

The Academy:

I tried our hands at making pizza,grilled chicken ,grilled cottage cheese and banana bread. Boy…all turned out so good! After this session, I feel like an expert and can’t wait for a BBQ party soon!

Masterclass by Chef Jamie:

Grills working their magic: 


After my experience at here,I think  Weber is all set to change the grilling scene in India by making Grills more approachable and the concept so easy. For aiding this, they have really good accessories as well that can be purchased from the store itself.

Yummy end results:

That’s me preparing the banana bread

If you want more information, Check out the links below:


Happy Grilling ! 😀






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