56 Fresca-Sohna Road,Gurgaon

Posted by Luv Luthra

An elegant place located on Sohna Road, Gurgaon. With nice ambience with  essence of pure Italian culture. The ambience of this place is simple yet posh with rattling paintings exhibited all around (combination  of table and chair is soothing )
(All these few things make this place a bit more unique and accurate one for relaxation from your daily stressful life when you need to chill out with your friends. )

Coming to the food; though the menu is very simple and offers few snacks but this place offers a real authentic and tasty italian dishes.
Insalata  de cesare (With chicken and anchovies) : When I asked the server about that day special’s among salads, he recommended me to go for this. So, according to his recommendation I ordered this. And when I tasted this, it really kept the words. Each and Every ingredient was so juicy and freshly making the salad more flavoury.

Pic Source: Zomato

Pizzas :

While we were little bit confused which pizza to order, their chef/attendant was smart enough to treat our taste buds with the different toppings in one single pizza with crunchy base and fresh ingredients.
a)Pizza Vegetariana – Prepared with grilled seasonal veggies, tomato salsa, oregano and mozzarella. Tasted good.
Good option for vegetarians.
b)Pizza 56 fresca – Prepared with smoked chicken, pineapple, bell pepper, assorted greens. This was really mouth watering and mine favourite among pizza’s. Must try out this one. As something is special is done by them on this.

Pic Source: Zomato

Cold Coffee – This accompanied good with all the snacks I had there. Taste wise, this was fine. Need to do bit more to make it appetizing.

 Pesto walnut cream sauce with assorted veggies Pasta : Last but not the least :p (among snacks). In fact, the best one I tasted there. So creamy and yummy. Worth every bite.

Pic Source: Zomato

Awaited Desserts Session:
Tiramisu: Quite good and sweetened. Not a bad idea!

 Lasagne Al Cioccolato. This was just like when you see it..grab it and eat it.. 😀 . heavenly. Loved it! Don’t forget to taste this.

Thus, after tasting all the food and drinks I can undoubtedly say that 56 fresca is completely fulfilling it’s name by providing the fresh made ingredients food. Wrapping up, a good place to visit when you are tired of daily routine food and wanted to try the real italian dishes without effecting your pocket much!

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