Must Try Waffles in Town!

Waffles have been becoming really famous and gearing up in Delhi . Earlier you had to travel far and shell out a decent amount for getting some good waffles. Recently some waffle specific places in malls opened but I found them too expensive.

While I was strolling in Malviya Nagar recently, a signboard saying ‘Stop my Starvation’ caught my eye and the place looked promising from outside. On entering I learnt that this place serves Waffles and Crepes , Sandwiches and Shakes. This Place,owned by three young boys, is small with seating for about 5-6 people but done up with so cutely that it exudes warmth. The surprise and USP of this place: They have Savoury Waffles and Crepes apart from just the sweet..!!

I was pleasantly shocked seeing the menu as the prices are super duper pocket friendly! The entire menu is priced between Rs. 60-130. Also, the size of waffles served here is double of what is served normally. My friends and I were in for a treat and ended up ordering 7 things that costed just about Rs. 700 All Inclusive…a steal!

All the waffles,  crepes and other things are made fresh right in front of you. The waffles  (all Eggless) were all super crisp from outside and soft inside. Crepes were thin and smooth..quite nice again.

For me, the highlight of this place is the Savoury menu with Savoury Waffles and Crepes. I ordered and instantly fell in love with them! There are just 1-2 places in Delhi doing this but they have mastered it 🙂

I had the Mix of Soya and Chicken Sausage Waffle which was crisp waffle topped lavishly with a mixture of minced soya, chicken sausages and finely chopped bell peppers and cheese. It was heavenly!


Magic Mushroom Waffle which was topped with a mixture of mushrooms and oodles of cheese. Yummy!


Tex Mex Paneer Crepe was a thin, soft crepe enveloping a tangy mixture of paneer in typical mexican flavours. Loved it.


Banana Blast Waffle (with added Nutella topping) I got Nutella added to their Banana Blast Waffle and the result was lip smacking! Crisp waffle,Nutella, Caramelised bananas and ice cream…All in one and just for Rs. 130 AI. Isn’t it unreal?


‘I will Have what she will have’ Crepe which had strawberry syrup whipped loaded in the crepe. Must try for strawberry lovers.


I had Oreo Shake along with my meal which was nicely thick and had milk, chocolate ice cream and oreo cookies churned together.


Overall, I am in love with this cute , small and warm place! It is a package deal with pocket friendly prices, unique menu and yummy food! A must must try and I am going to be a regular for sure. Recommend you all to try this and let me know of your experience by commenting below or emailing at 🙂

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