Unplugged Monsoon Mania!

Unplugged Courtyard, this place has always been close to my heart since it launched in December 2015. The reason is simple, unplugged has a very pretty outdoor seating, unique recipes, great taste, warm service and of course, the fact that they keep adding to the menu to keep you from getting bored no matter how many times you visit. I have recommended this place to many friends and all of them have always thanked me for sending them there..

Have a look at some pictures below to get an idea of what I am talking about J


As I mentioned above about regular new additions, this time Unplugged has come out with a special menu curated only for Monsoon Season! They have very different dishes and drinks and I tried some of them. None of them were repeated from the existing menu of the restaurant.

For the monsoon, unplugged has even decorated the place with colorful umbrellas all over that look super cute!


Coming to the things I had:

Silk burst (cocktail): This was a sweet cocktail with vodka, cranberry, peach and apricot flavor in it. A mix of flavors and juices making it sweet but since I am a sweet ,lover, I liked it!


Fruity Mojito (mocktail): A regular virgin mojito but with added chopped fruits such as apple, pear and orange. The fruity tasty was quite prominent and I liked that bit about it.


Palak Patte ki Chaat: Something that has recently become very common in the restaurants but there are very few restaurant that are making them well. I always liked the one at California boulevard but the one I had at unplugged was at par. The combination of crispy spinach leaf , sweetened curd, tamarind and green coriander chutney is always good! The leaves were fried to perfect keeping the base thin.


Thrice cook lamb with hoisin sauce: Basically tiny/shredded lamb pieces cooked in a Chinese style with bell peppers, onions and peanuts. It was crunchy and tasty.


Som Tum Salad: This was a raw papaya salad served in a dynamite shaped container. It was tangy with lemon and sweet with jaggery. Super liked it!


Thai chicken salad: Chicken pieces, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, sesame seeds and of course, lemon grass (cause it’s thai) in a plate rendering great flavours in the mouth.


Banana Chicken: Oh this was the star dish for me!! Small pieces of chicken cooked with minced chicken and raw banana. It was super delicious and a combination I had for the first time . craving for it again! It was served along with banana chips  and topped with caramelized onions  that added marvelously to the taste.


Corn Asparagus Fritters: Small fried balls/fritters made of asparagus and corn and mingled with a lot of cheese. These were pretty soft and melted in the mouth. They were served with a spicy sauce but I enjoyed them as it is since they had a good flavour and weren’t dry.


Cutting Chai Freezer: Served in typical roadside chai glasses, this was cold coffee blended with ice cream and a hint of cinnamon. A different dessert from the usual and was lighter die to the medium quantity.


Overall, I think you must visit this place cause they serve you a packaged deal with good ambience (especially the courtyard) , unique dishes and great taste. It’ll be an experience worth remembering. Also, this menu is on only till this monsoon so you better make the most of it 😉 and don’t worry, they have a great indoor place as well and bar for rains.

Below is the Monsoon Menu for you :


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