Open House-C.P.

Posted by Luv Luthra

Open House a multicuisine bar located at one of the heartiest place(Connaught Place), of Delhi.A spacious  with it’s appealing decor on second floor. The walls of the lounge are full of mechanical art work like superheros masks, graffiti, wall clock, etc. that made these lounge a bit more classy.

Nonetheless, their peaceful and beautiful terrace that gives you tranquility from your daily stressful life.The music was another attribute that added charm to the evening. It was really energetic and electrifying with amalgam of scintillation dim lights.

Kudos to the service from their courteous staff.

Pic Source: Zomato



Tandoori Fish Salad – Good tasting snack to start with. Tandoori fish which was perfectly roasted was very soft served with fresh vegetables. I found this quiet delectable and toothy.


Wasabi Aloo Chat– A-OK snack this was. Need to add more or something special is to be done in this snack to take it to beyond satisfactory taste.


Akuri Mini Chow – This was something special snack prepared and served by them and was really very heavenly. One of the best snack I found there.


Three Style spicy Mushroom Pizza – Though i usually don’t prefer mushroom made snacks but when i tasted this it was really flavoury and luscious.


Paneer Tikka Sandwich – A full flavored sandwich served with mayyonaise and semi-cooked vegetable salad. Best option for vegetarians/paneer lovers.


Tandoori Chicken Alfredo – Roasted chicken which made the pasta crispier and more yummy.


Rajma Galouti Slider – A mini size burger look alike. Another Lipsmacking dish one can simply go for.


The Oreo n Banana Shake – This was so-so in taste. Need to do bit more something with taste.


Ahh! Finally the desserts session. :p

Gulab Jamun Rocher – Served amidst the fumes of liquid nitrogen. Packed like imported chocolate and wrapped with a layer of nuts. It was looking amazing and I was not able to stop myself from tasting. And When i tasted this, it was so heavenly! Just Loved it!


Tiramisu Cigar – Cigar rolls made with white chocolate with a layering of dark liquid chocolate. Tasted so good..craving while writing.


After tasting all the food I must say that though the food and drinks were all good in taste but the desserts are the speciality of this place.

So next time if you’re planning to spend some good time with your family/friends in South Delhi then don’t forget to check-in at Open House Cafe, Connaught Place..!!


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