Food at Smaaash

I hope you have gone through my post on Smaaash,a virtual reality heaven, for gamers of all age group. If not, please have a look here 🙂

But since we all know that no outing is complete with out food, Smaaash has a very nice restaurant for the same. The restaurant is called ‘Mighty Small’ which is a Circus themes restaurant. You will see elements of circus all around the place and it’s a cute colourful cafe.


We ate the following after tiring ourselves with the fun games:

BBQ Chicken Wings which were yum! juicy chicken and very tangy BBQ sauce in apt quantity. It also had sesame seeds on top and was served in a small bucket type dish.


Cheese Chilli Crostini which was just like cheese garlic bread with abundant cheese,chilli flakes and origano on top but, a true crostini doesn’t have garlic in it. None-the -less, this was tasty and I ate I thinking it to be a garlic bread only.


Chilli Chicken Tartlets were bite sized crisp tarts filled with super spicy chilli chicken. The chicken was extremely spicy and my friend who likes spicy food, loved it. I liked it too.


Chicken Pizza was served on a real tennis racquet! Leaving the presentation aside, the pizza was a little bland as it had only cheese,chicken pieces (mindly smoked), origano and  chili flakes on top. There was no other vegetable on top. The crust was thin but not the thinnest possible. Considering the fact that this place isn’t such that it specializes in pizzas, it was good.

Hot Fudge Bonanza Split was sinful and we devoured it in no time. A mix of Vanilla,butterscotch sauce,chocolate sauce,almonds and whipped cream in one jar was sinful. Loved the crunch of almonds.


Overall, I think this place can totally be visited after/before games at Smaaash. there is no need to head to another restaurant for food. Smaaash is a one stop destination for a fun filled day! 🙂


More about Mighty small? Find out here:
Mighty Small @ Smaaash Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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