All things Yummy!

All things yummy…isn’t the name of this bakery too cute?  Well, probably the girls can agree with me on this 😉

So recently , I was searching for a cake jars online as they are the new in thing as people say. Well, it’s actually not that bad to have a cake jar considering the fact that you get bigger quantity in a jar and ofcourse, you can eat anywhere in a non messy way. No hassle of packaging and carrying.

I saw this place called all things yummy on the net and ordered two cake jars that looked appealing. The glass cake jars were sealed well and decorated with a pretty cloth and bow on the top.  This showed that a lot of personal attention has been paid to every jar.

Gooey chocolate cake jar: This had dark chocolate cake and sauce in it in different layers. It was less sweet and nice for dark chocolate lovers. Being a fan of milk chocolate rather than dark, I found this average.


Ferrero rocher cake jar: This was better than the gooey chocolate cake jar as I like the hint if ferrero taste in it. It wasn’t in excess and you could taste ferrero rocher chunks in between as well.


Overall, I felt that the cakes could be more soft and gooey as they were a tad bit dry. None- the-less, the experience was decent and I would rate it a 3.5/5 🙂


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