Virtual Reality at Smaaash

Delhi NCR saw a lot of new places for bowling and video games in the 90s and early 2000s. There were so many that video games centers are now open in every corner of the city. And why not so, they were something new at that time 🙂

With the growing technology, this also had to evolve and the owners of Smaaash have done a darn good job with evolving the games that the kids and teenagers of this decade play. They not only have bowling,video games and racing games, they have a lot more to offer at Smaaash….Virtual reality games!

In virtual reality games, you are made to wear a headset and see some scenes. You are cut-off from the real world for a while and this is something worth trying atleast once. Smaaash has a virtual roller coaster,flying carpet,walk the plank and some really nice virtual games. I got to experience so much at one place with my friends that I don’t really feel the need to go on real ride now.

The first thing I did was a VR Alladin’s flying carpet. We stood on a plank that moved and we held tight to the railing.On the headset,we could see and feel ourselves sitting on a carpet that flew at a great speed over the ocean and between mountains and buildings. It was scary for the first minute but became enjoyable afterwards.

We went on to do the VR Roller coaster which was again so realistic and made me scream.VR Walk the plank is my favourite at Smaaash! You are made to walk on a narrow unsteady plank but what you see on the headset will freak you out! You are made to see and cross a narrow plank between two building on the 10th floor. It was super scary and I fell off midway 😛 A must try!

Roller Coaster


Another fun thing was dancing on a colorful floor in public. We had to ape the steps of characters on the screen and we danced on gangnam style.

Apart from these there are many other fun video games at Smaaash but for the younger kids. We skipped those.Well of course, we did bowling after this which was relaxing.

The outing didn’t end there..we ate! Yes, Smaaash also has a big Circus themed restauurant called Mighty Small. For details of the food we ate, Please click here .


Overall, Smaaash is one thing I recommend for all age groups. Kids can enjoy the vidso games and adults can enjoy bowling and virtual reality games.Once you enter Smaaash, I’m sure you will end up spending atleast 2-3 hours trying out all the things they have to offer.

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