New CIRCUS in Town!

Delhi has a lot of restaurants with unique themes now but this one is new…CIRCUS!

We all have been to a circus at least once as a kid and this was something we always loved. With over modernization and urbanization, the  concept of circus has faded from metropolitan cities.


Circus,a much required bar cum lounge in South Extension (South extension part 2 to be precise) has opened it’s doors with circus as the theme. You can relive your childhood memories here but it’s not for kids. It is more of a sophisticated circus with lesser colors.

Spread across 3 floors with a sprawling main area (Indoors), a terrace and a private dining area on the roof top (this was my favourite).

The indoor portions has different seating areas: you see cozy red couches as you enter and as you move ahead, you enter a main hall with a very high ceiling, huge chandeliers and mirrors,bright red walls,some casual high tables and facing the bar are some curved sofas. A mix and match of seating makes this place look young and vibrant.

The terrace has some lush plants and plain wooden table chairs. The third floor of the restaurant is also the terrace area but more for a private outing with one large table surrounded by glass railing. This is the area I really liked and wish to dine here with my family. You can get a good view of Delhi from here and are cut off from the world for while.



Coming to the food and drinks, we had the following :

Melon Sangria: Being a wine fan, I just had to order a sangria from the menu. A melon sangria is not something I have had ever. Made from a Sauvignon wine which is sweeter than usual and lies in the category of white wines, it had apple juice and sweet ,tiny honeydrew melons. I really liked this sweet sangria.



Pomo Sapphire: A gin based cocktail with pomegranate and chaat masala has a more indianized flavour. It was nice again.



Dahi Kebabs: Typical fried kebabs with hung yogurt inside but I didn’t find it soft enough. It could be improved and made softer. It had a paneer like consistency right now.



Palak Patta chaat: Fried Spinach leaves with Aloo bhujiya, Sweetened curd,Tamarind chutney and green coriander chutney. It was crisp when it was served and I liked it! the curd quantity could be increased but it was nice as is too.


Mutton Keema mini samosa: This was above average as the taste of mutton keema was good. The part I  liked was that it wasn’t dry from inside but at the same time, there was excess oil outside. Could be improved by a small change.



Polenta fried Chicken: Basically like friend chicken wings and are a good munching option with some drinks. Polenta is something healthy so keeping that in mind, this was good and you are mentally satisfied 😛




Caramel Sundae: Vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce, chocolate sauce and some Caramel crunchies in between…quite nice overall! The presentation was very cute with a smiley on top


Overall, I would love to be back for some more cocktails cause the ones I had were quite nice and different. The place is hip and the food is decent. Next time I wish to enjoy in the private rooftop area 🙂 Visit this place and let me know your views and recommendations by emailing or commenting below.


Ok, that’s me at Circus matching the theme colors of the restaurant 😉



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