Food at Smaaash

I hope you have gone through my post on Smaaash,a virtual reality heaven, for gamers of all age group. If not, please have a look here 🙂 But since we all know that no outing is complete with out food, Smaaash has a very nice restaurant for the same. The restaurant is called ‘Mighty Small’ … More Food at Smaaash

All things Yummy!

All things yummy…isn’t the name of this bakery too cute?  Well, probably the girls can agree with me on this 😉 So recently , I was searching for a cake jars online as they are the new in thing as people say. Well, it’s actually not that bad to have a cake jar considering the … More All things Yummy!

New CIRCUS in Town!

Delhi has a lot of restaurants with unique themes now but this one is new…CIRCUS! We all have been to a circus at least once as a kid and this was something we always loved. With over modernization and urbanization, the  concept of circus has faded from metropolitan cities. AMBIENCE: Circus,a much required bar cum … More New CIRCUS in Town!