6 Things to do at BluO: A one-stop gaming destination

BluO, India’s largest bowling chain has redefined bowling as a lifestyle and entertainment sport for us. Bowling being the main focus, BluO has become a one-stop destination for gaming,sports ,food,music and fun!

I was at the sprawling BluO in Ambience mall,Gurgaon recently for a game of bowling and ended up trying out all the other sports! Must say, the food and music added to the entire experience!

Absolutely enjoyed most of the activities there and here is a list of ‘Must-Try at BluO’:

1. BOWLING:  Once at BluO, you can’t skip this. Played and enjoyed a game of bowling. I shared the lane with three of my friends and ended up second with 92 points. Not bad right? 😉  The spirit of healthy competition and looking at other people making funny moves was fun! Can’t be missed.

2. AIR HOCKEY: Well, a fairly simple game but makes you be on your toe during those 5-6 minutes. Tried to defend my goal post against other’s attacks and was successful!

3. SNOOKER: Had to play this for the love of this sport! With mostly boys flocking around the table, snooker is a much wanted thing here.


4. FOOSBALL: Ah! I played this after long! Foosball, is a highly addictive game and we ended up playing 3 matches.It is basically football on a table with plastic ball and players in their fixed positions. Obviously, I won all due to some prior experience but this is one game that even a beginner can pick up really fast and enjoy.

5. PLAY STATION: A dedicated room for this behind the bowling area and Oh, the boys had fun here while I did car racing (Virtual ,Of course).

6. EAT EAT & EAT: How can any outing be complete without some food? We hogged on appetizers while bowling and dined in the fine dine area post the games. Yes, BluO has a fine dine are as well right in the middle of the place.Even though it is in the middle section, it is quite private and disconnected from the noisy surrounding. Good job with that! I guess with the fine dine area, BluO has now offers a wholesome dealfor any kind of plan.

Appetizers:                                                                                                                                                      BBQ chicken wings that were tangy and spicy. Galouti kebabs my favourite of the lot! Very soft and flavory. The sweet parantha at the base was thin and aptly sweet..not in excess.Dahi and papad kebab were soft from inside and crispy from outside courtesy the crushed papad on top. The curd could be a bit more sweet according to me.Tandoori chicken momos were tasty and loaded well with minced chicken and were mildly spiced with coriander,green chilli etc.    


Mains and desserts:                                                                                                                                          Red thai curry was yum and just how it should be. smooth,loaded with veggies and not pungent. Dal makhani could be more creamy. Mutton rogan gosh was quite flavoury and well cooked. White Sauce and Red sauce pastas, both were average and not the best as a little bland. Kadai Chicken was lip smacking. a thick brown curry with apt spices and tomato,onion,ginger flavor being the dominant flavors.  Banana Split was yum as ever as people seldom go wrong with this dessert. Coconut Ice cream was creamy and nice. Brownie Sundae was a regular dessert with no unique point about it but is any dessert ever bad? 😉 Liked it!


The Dining area:


Overall, BluO was a rejuvenating experience and I loved catching up with my friends over some gaming, sports and food. Quite a different plan from the usual cafe plans. I recommend this place and you should try out this place atleast once and let me know your experience by emailing or commenting below 🙂

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