DezertFox – Greater Kailash 1 , Delhi

DezertFox is surely the next big bakery in Delhi! Was in GK recently and spotted a bright and inviting sign board of DezertFox right on the GK1 main road (near HSBC). Entered and found the place very cutely done up. With seating for just about 6-7 people at max, the place is very well light with bright yellow walls and a well done graffiti.

DezertFox aims to bring you desserts that you usually get only in 5 stars at cheaper prices and without having to go to a hotel. Also, they deliver at home 🙂

The desserts are pre plated and served within 2min of placing the order. Plating is the highlight of this place and won my heart immediately. You can see the pictures below to get an idea.

Coconut mousse: We started our sweet experience with some coconut mousse which was super light and the texture was course outside and gooey inside with tiny shavings of coconut. This was served with Nutella on the side to cut the monotony. I loved this dessert!


Chocolate sin: A crepe made of chocolate and coco powder filled with pastry creme and with dark chocolate shavings as the bed. There was also a dark chocolate cylindrical piece with edible gold dust on top. A must try for dark chocolate lovers!

Fresh fruit tart: Never had a fruit tart so well presented and with so many fruits like kiwi, passion fruits, apples,plum and pears. The tart was a tad bit hard cause of refrigeration I think but that can easily be rectified. The tart filling/custard was mild on sugar to offset the overall sweetness of the dish with fruits. Great dessert for summers.



Another plus point about this place is that they are open till 1am every day hence, you can be here point your dinner and relax and have a leisure time. Do try out this place for a different and beautiful experience. I am sure you wouldn’t be disappointed 🙂



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