Chili’s – A Tex-Mex Paradise

Chili’s…!! If you haven’t dined here, you are truly missing out on some amazing Tex-Mex food! An american chain that has established itself in India and has won many hearts! It is primarily a casual dining place with with some amazing cocktails, good music and food to help you enjoy your outing to the fullest.

The Ambience is semi formal with simple yet classy maroon upholstery, loud music, bricky walls and a typical american pub kind of look and feel. Located inside prominent malls in Delhi, NCR, this is the place to crash for some good food and drinks post as shopping spree.



Coronita: Wow this drink was impressive to look at! Margarita+ Corona beer = Coronita! 😀 Corona beer inverted into a big class of margarita was super potent and good! Beer could be poured into the margarita whenever necessary and not continuously. This is something I saw for the first time and liked the concept.

Blue Paccifico: A mocktail that was a treat to the taste buds with blue caracao and Pineapple flavour. Super refreshing , sweet and tasty.

Margaritas: We had quite  a few margaritas of various kinds and all turned out good. One had orange flavour, one was lemon and the other was guava. Controlled amount of sugar, oodles of tequila,amazing flavours and super large quantity…made these drinks win everyone’s heart.One glass and you are happy high. Going back soon for more.


Tripple Dipper: A platter with an option to choose three starters from five options. these are served with three dips. Options available: Chicken wings, Chicken Crispers, Boneless Chicken Wings, Country Fried Crispers and Southwestern Crisprolls.

We selected Boneless Chicken Wings , Country Fried Crispers and Southwestern Crisprolls. All of them were super great and the chicken was absolutely fresh.

Smoked Chicken Leg: A large juicy piece of chicken marinated super well with spices like pepper, oregano and garlic and had a smoked taste. This tasted great with mexican rice.


Lamb shank: Ok so this  was the highlight of the evening for all of us at the table! Haven’t had better cooked lamb in my life. It separated itself from the bone with absolute ease. BBQ sauce on the side and smooth mash potatoes as the bed complimented the lamb well.



Herbed Fish Fillet: Sole fish with pepper and lemon flavor was average. I found it a little dry though and bland though.


Fish Tacos: Oh so yummy!! We ordered soft shell tacos instead of a crisp shell as it’s easier to eat and less messy. Tacos were filled with super soft fish, ice berg and sour cream. Tasted divine!






We had the following desserts. They weren’t as good as the drinks and food but pretty good individually. Guess the food and drinks raised out expectations to the next level.

Brownie Sundae:  The basic warm brownie with vanilla ice cream with roasted peanuts and and chocolate sauce.Decent thing with no innovation. Safe option of a dessert.

Cheesecake: Basic New York cheesecake which was soft and the texture was smooth. I liked the taste but would have loved some more strawberry sauce or any berry sauce with it. Found the quantity served with it a little less.

Molten chocolate cake: An inverted chocolava cake with a gooey center and vanilla ice cream topped with a chocolate dome. Chocolate dome added a good crunch to the dish.

Chocolate chip Paradise Pie: A caramel version of a brownie sundae with a walnut pie, Vanilla ice cream and Caramel sauce. Really liked it and found it better than the usual chocolate version.



Overall, Chili’s is one place that you all should visit for it’s drinks and food! Super Duper Tex-Mex food that is value for money with HUGE portions. The music will set the mood right and surely make you go back for more and more. Give it a shot and let me know you views by commenting below 🙂

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