New Menu at The Delhi Canteen

Some pictures of the new menu at The Delhi Canteen, Malviya Nagar. This is one place I would recommend to everyone!

They serve amazing fusion food which is absolutely lip smacking! The owner herself has designed the entire menu and is involved in the kitchen on a daily basis assuring great quality and taste. Also, all the desserts are baked by her! 

Another highlight of this place is that they have LIVE SUFI MUSIC every Friday,Saturday and Sunday. One couldn’t ask for more! When I went there, the combination of live sufi music, amazing food and warm hospitality won over my heart!

At Delhi Canteen, You will find elements of ‘Canteen’ every where and that’ll surely take you back to your school and college days.

Recently they have launched some new dishes to their already awesome range and here is a brief description about them :



Kulcha Shulcha: Their version of an Indian Bao with kulcha as the outer part and stuffed with spicy and tangy chopped veggies. The non veg counter part had chicken chunks in it as well. This was topped with sour cream to offset the strong flavours. WOW! Worked better than a normal bao for me.



Finding Nimo: As the name suggests, the dish has fish in it. Grilled fish which was soft from inside and crisp outside and served with lemon butter sauce and herbed grilled veggies. Super yummy fish and dish.


Hummus 2-way pita: Pita Pockets with two kinds of dips to keep you from getting bored. Both the dips were tweaked to suit the indian palate with one being the Chana Masala hummus and the other being the Carrot hummus. One was masaledaar and the other was sweet and worked well in tandem!


Sausage and Olive Pizza: Sausages with olives and BBQ sauce worked quite well on a crisp thin base. Liked the pizza as it wasn’t too heavy.


Mummy ke haath ka pasta: This is a pasta salad that they have with typical Indian flavours like mustard  and served with bell peppers and corn. A different experience with pasta.


Naanizza: Another fusion of Indian and Italian flavours with Naan based pizza. Naan was made crisp to hold the toppings and that added a great crunch to the pizza. Topped well with veggies, chicken, cheese and green chutney to complete the Indianness.


Caramellody: A sinful dessert! Warm and gooey brownie in a jar with warm chocolate sauce. This jar was served with warm caramel which was to be poured on top of the brownie and chocolate sauce mix. The combination of these three was deadly! loved the fact that the saltiness of caramel cut the sweetness of the other two making it medium sweet and light.


Red Velvet jar: One of the best red velvet cakes that I have had! Super soft cake with fresh cream cheese. The vanilla flavour was apt!

If all this wasn’t enough, there is another point that makes The Delhi Canteen very special. This restaurant is out there to promote young talent by displaying their work of art on their walls. If you are a budding artist/photographer, head to this place to know more 😀


A visit to this place is a must and this place will surely not disappoint!

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