Echoes – Satyaniketan, Delhi

Echoes – Eat Engage Energize, will make your heart melt! Why? The reason is that they have differently abled people running  the whole show! Isn’t that just too sweet? I felt lovely seeing these people get a dignified employment and being treated so well. Kudos to the owners for this idea and executing it so well 🙂

With seating for about 35-40 people, It is a colorful place with multicolored upholstery, large posters on the walls and a wall of fame.  Every table has a switch with it to call a server and I must say, they were faster than normal servers. Echoes also has some placards for easy communication with the servers such as for the bill, menu, spoon, fork etc. For placing an order, you can fill in the code of the dish (mentioned against each dish in the menu) and give it to the server.


Coming to the food, we had quite a few dishes at Echoes and all were served with a warm smile 😀

Mango shake: Thick and mildly sweet with a scoop of vanilla ice cream in it. Really liked it.


No Wine Sangria: A mocktail with strawberry flavour, chopped apples and a fizzy base. Refreshing and good for non alcoholics.




Mac n Cheese balls: Deep fried balls with mac and cheese in it and cut open into two halves. Every half was topped with oodles of tangy and spicy salsa and coriander. It tasted good but think that the cheese could be a bit more.


Fire Bomb: Boneless chicken pieces in a hot sauce with onions and capsicum. It was a nice snack somewhat similar to a chilli chicken


Makhani Pasta: Love your butter chicken? Then You will love this too! Just replace chicken from butter chicken with pasta and there you have your makhani pasta. Quite a nice change from the usual pastas.


Pizza Cone (BBQ chicken) : They have a lot of variety in pizza cones and we opted for the BBQ chicken version. What is a pizza cone? Take a slice of pizza and and curl it around and you have you pizza cone ready! A welcome change from usual pizzas and due to it being closed, one could add in a lot more chicken,cheese and other toppings in it.  Loved it and craving it while typing this.


Chicken a la kiev: Have been having this dish from a place called Sip n Bite in Gurgaon where it’s my favourite but echoes has done a twisted version of this dish. Twisted but not too bad still. A piece of fried chicken stuffed with butter and grilled veggies and potato mash on the side. Nice and colouful plate but a little work needs to be done on the chicken as it was dry.


Overall, Echoes is a place where you can have a relaxed meal with buddies and lounge around on the low seats and feel good about. I am sure you will smile every time a server comes to your table. Echoes left me feeling great! Also, the food is as good as the concept  which will make everyone go back for sure 😀 Cheers and All the best to Echoes!

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